Simon, The Dalai Lama of Cats

In early June, Charley and I traveled to Stockbridge to continue marketing A Berkshire Tale.  Nestled in a white, wicker, rocking chair on the front porch of the Red Lion Inn was ZuZu’s friend, Simon. I stopped for  a moment to give my regards. He blinked an eye to show that he appreciated the head rub and then promptly went back to sleep. I truly have never met such a laid-back cat. He exudes a calmness only found in meditating Buddhists..

ZuZu in Quilt BagIn the winter section of A Berkshire Tale, ZuZu visits the Inn tucked inside the grandmother’s quilting bag. She is introduced to the famous Simon Treadway Gato, Lobby Ambassador. They form a friendship much like the one I developed with him last Christmas when we first met.

That December, my husband  and I had returned to the Inn from a performance of the radio version of It’s a Wonderful Life at Shakespeare and Company. It was snowing outside and I sat by the fireplace in the lobby while Charley went to get us a hot drink. On a red, velvet chair under the Christmas tree, a black and white cat slumbered, unperturbed by the  cameras IMG_1099intermittently flashing around him. He was holding court in his sleep. I stood over him watching, then bent to pet his head. He didn’t move. Soft sounds, like a motorized purring machine, came from beneath the paw hiding his face. “Charley, look at this,” I whispered to my husband as he handed me a drink. Slowly a paw moved and the cat looked up at me, blinked, stood, turned twice in the chair and resumed his nap. This was the start of a beautiful relationship.

In the early hours of the next day, I dressed quietly and went in search of The Ambassador.  I found him sprawled on the floor in the middle of the dining room, obviously waiting around just for me. I stroked his head for a while. Then, he stood up, yawned, stretched and led me to the lobby where we sat by the lit tree to watch the snow piling up in the darkness outside. I jotted down some story notes as he slept on the table in front of the cut glass bowl of spiced candies. The scraping sound of a plow outside eventually disturbed  our reveries and I left him curled up in front of the fireplace to return to the  room, my head filled with story ideas.

Later that morning Charley and I walked around Main Street taking winter photos to illustrate A Berkshire Tale.

We went back to the Inn and settled down in the Hitchcock Room on the second floor. With Christmas music, courtesy of Pandora on my iPad, he read as I continued to write the rest of the Christmas chapter. Simon was now a featured character. That afternoon Santa came to the Inn and I took photos for the December segment of the book. Since I collect Christmas books (more than three hundred), this section is now one of my favorites, especially since I was able to bring such a regal presence into the story plot..

IMG_1614Each time I return to the Inn, Simon is there to greet me. While writing one of the chapters centered around the Berkshire Botanical Garden, he dozed in a nearby chair in the side room, as I typed at the table. He followed me to my room and sat staring at me while I wrote the final pages. And when the book was published this spring, he was the first to greet me when I delivered copies to the Gift Shop.IMG_5794
Then, he patiently listened as I read to him from the Christmas chapter, his favorite, too. I guess you could say he’s acted as a bit of a Muse for me.

Some people probably are attracted back to the Inn because of him; or at least it would seem so from his Facebook page. (Yes, he has his own page – with a lot

more followers than I  have.) He has true animal magnetism. If you are ever in Stockbridge, stop by the Red Lion Inn to visit with the Ambassador. I’m know he’ll lead you into the Gift Shop where you’ll find A Berkshire Tale on the table by the door. When you pick up your copy, I’m sure he’ll follow you out to the front porch where you can sit in a rocker enjoying a drink while you read a few pages with him. A perfect way to spend a quiet afternoon on Main Street in Stockbridge.


10 thoughts on “Simon, The Dalai Lama of Cats

  1. I love this story Clare! While sweltering in our early summer humidity I imagine sitting with Simon warm and snug in the Red Lion Inn. The photos of Christmas decorations and the inn are stunning. You know, I’ve never had a white Christmas and wondered what it would be like. Now thanks to you I have a better idea. My love to ZuZu and Roxie

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    1. Robyn, Every December, the Town of Stockbridge reenacts Norman Rockwell’s famous painting, “The Homecoming.” Main Street is lined with cars from the 50’s and the stores are decorated just as they were in his painting. This is where he spent much of his adult life and where he had his studio. The Norman Rockwell Museum is nearby. It is a lovely town in all seasons, but this is a special time for people in this part of the Berkshires.I’m happy you enjoyed my little memory… Clare

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  2. What a gloriously devious marketing campaign, run by the mysterious Ambassador — PR machine, zen monk, and customer relationship manager all in one. Every writer should have one, but I can see the Ambassador is boss of his own cool destiny.

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    1. They’ve actually made a doggy door for him to escape to a cellar retreat at the Inn. Simon is immensely popular and at times needs his space. One day some children were chasing him around the dining room trying to pick him up and he scampered through the doggy door. I was standing there and the little 5 year old boy looked at me and emphatically announced: “That cat doesn’t like kids!”

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