My Learning Curve Just Took a Dive

I’ve been stumbling along with this blogging stuff since February and I finally realized there had to be a better way. So, I signed up for a WordPress Course, Blogging 101. I read all of the directions, printing them out and highlighting yes-yesses and no-nos. I went to  the Group’s Page and checked out fellow 101  intros and blogs. I wrote my intro but I forgot to put in the link to my blog site. I received a friendly note from  a “happiness engineer” named Eric and added it in. Then I went to the Blogging 101 site, wrote my assignment and published it. In the wrong place! On the chat page. Big NO-NO. I scrolled through the  conversations taking place on the page and realized that I was the only one of  hundreds of blogger 101ers who had broken the golden rule.: Don’t publish to the chat page! It’s for chatting, duh! I received a message from another of the “happiness engineers”  explaining how to fix it. I couldn’t. That made me very unhappy.. And so , there it stayed, glaring out at me. All 620 words of it.

Today’s assignment is to redo our Tag Line. (I think not!) It took me ages  to get the Title, Tag Line and Menu right. That made me very happy. I did a little jig. So, I’m  not messing around with it  at this point. My thinking is that avoiding a serious blogger meltdown should be my priority today.

On a better note: I did manage to redo my “Where to Buy A Berkshire Tale” Page. This, also, made me jiggy happy because as I entered in the independent book stores and gift shops  selling my book, I realized how many people have given me encouragement and support since it was published in April. I’m glad I finally can give their stores a mention.

If my learning curve takes an upward swing and I  figure out how to copy and transfer the 620 words of my Blogging 101 assignment to my own site, I’ll share it with you. (Don’t hold your breath waiting.)


15 thoughts on “My Learning Curve Just Took a Dive

  1. Keep at it Clare, you’ll figure it out. Just think about how far you’ve come from the days when your preferred method of shutting down a computer was to keep hitting it until it surrendered.

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  2. Take a deep breath and hang in there. We are all learning how to do things here. Some catch on quickly, others need time for things to work.

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  3. I’m sorry that the technicalities caused you frustration but I also think those little mistakes and how you write about them, made me smile and make you even more likeable 🙂 I think you’ll manage it like a pro very soon. Keep it up. I think it’s brilliant that you could publish your book. It’s one of my secret points on my life list to publish my dad’s bedtime stories. Have a nice day 🙂

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  4. Oh its so frustrating, I’ve BTDT… well maybe not quite to that level!!, but I love how you put a positive spin on it and entertained us all in the process. FWIW I also posted to the wall by accident, thinking I was in my own blog, but I deleted it within seconds! The best way to “move” your post, is to copy and paste it. Tedious, but its the safest. The best of luck to you!

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    1. I am not confident enough right now to copy and paste, so the post remains in limbo. You’ve made me feel better about my posting error, though. As a teacher, I explained to my students that mistakes were a good thing if they learned from them.
      I told them that’s why I was so smart – lots of mistakes!

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  5. You really do need to get a mouse for your laptop… The ability to “right click” makes the whole cut/paste thing a lot easier! 😀


    1. I just realized that I could really use a mouse for all of the everyday detritus that makes life harder. I’d just carry it around and right click all day long. (Waking up to your comment made me smile. Thanks. Have a great day.

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  6. Love this – I have put myself in the slow learners category with technology and realise that it takes me a great deal of time to get things right. I think I get more pleasure out of getting it right than getting things posted.


    1. I have to admit, persistence paid off and I learned so much from Blogging101. I laugh when I re-read the first few posts, but it was frustrating. So many other bloggers commented that they were making similar mistakes and others helped fix some of my errors, that I felt more comfortable with blogging after a short time. Thanks

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