Blogging 101 – It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood


My neighborhood has  expanded in the past week. People quietly moved in while I was sleeping. I awoke to find new neighbors on my doorstep. Teenagers, Grandparents, Moms, Dads, Husbands,Wives, Brides, Bridesmaids, Friends, Lovers, Insurance Agents, Librarians, Dispatchers, Gardeners, Historians, Writers, Comedians, Scientists, Students, Journalists, Artists, Teachers…..

They arrived from places I had only dreamed of visiting some day: Japan, Portugal, Egypt, Australia, United Kingdom, India, Ghana, Italy, Canada, China, Germany, Greece, Indonesia, Columbia, New Zealand, Spain, Israel, France. From small towns and large cities all over the United States.


They came into my home generously bearing the most beautiful presents. Gifts of stories and poems; photos and caricatures; music and ballet; recipes and pictures of  mouth-watering meals and desserts. They came to discuss world events and local news. I’ve sat with them at my dining room table or in my living room, as they shared their hard-earned wisdom and knowledge; as they encouraged my endeavors and offered me advice on computers, makeup, health care, fashion, sports, etiquette, sewing, knitting, relationships, culture, architecture, crafts, ecology, pets, travel, conservation and blogging.

We’ve commiserated on life’s joys and woes; laughed at the wonder of it all, cried at the unfairness of it all. And every one of them enriched my days in more ways than anyone could imagine. Kindred Spirits at my front door. My rural neighborhood suddenly became the center of a universe composed of Seekers from all over the world. And all while I was sleeping.


36 thoughts on “Blogging 101 – It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

    1. I laughed and cried, myself as I visited (and revisited) these blogs. And there were so many photos I wanted to include, that I just couldn’t get to cooperate. This course is such an education on very many levels. Thank you


  1. I have now words other than — what a lovely way with words you have. And then I saw that you were an English teacher! Loved reading this post. Following….

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    1. Does your blog have a photo of you hugging a sewing machine? I tried to get back to this blog today and could not nor am I able to connect to it with the address in your comment. i really would like to continue following you, although I can’t sew a stitch! Thank you for your own lovely words of support. I am really glad that you enjoyed the post.


    1. I had hoped other bloggers were feeling as strongly about the experience as I was. I thought that maybe I was becoming too engrossed in the project. Your words are so encouraging to me. Thank you for them.


    1. Thank you, Monique. Yes, I felt that inter-connectiveness soon after we started this course. I despairing took it because my skills were so abysmal and although they are improving, that isn’t the most important lesson I’ve learned. And I’ve come to realize that all of us are feeling the same.

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      1. Yes, I sometimes feel as though I’ve fallen through the rabbit hole.At some point I will have to find my way home so that I can work on my next book. But right now I’m centered on learning as much as I can and meeting interesting people. Have a nice weekend.


      2. Thank you for this lovely message. Do you think any of us will ever get time to read a book again?
        I’m totally emerged in blogs! I’ll be visiting yours this evening as soon as things quiet down around here.
        I’m looking forward to it!


  2. This really is a beautiful post. It really captures the instant camaraderie, support and talent of both fellow 101bloggers and those already out there in blogger world. I never knew I would be at all interested in half the blogs I now follow and yet I am constantly checking the reader for all their updates, including Zuzu’s barn 🙂

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  3. Wow!
    What a great idea! Collecting photos that talk about persons and their countries. I love it so much, and even I can use it with my students. They can choose one from this stuff and start writing descriptions or stories about them … Thanks for your inspiration.

    Always creative 🙂

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    1. Your welcoming world and my neighborhood seem to be one in the same. I will be visiting you as soon as I get today’s assignment posted. It has some techie stuff in it, so who knows when it will be published!???? Thanks you.


      1. Hi there. I really enjoy reading your posts. They are very calming. I hope you enjoy checking out my blog. Still a beginner even though I blogged for a couple of years it was mostly to keep family and friends updated on my hubby’s health and to meet others in our situation. Hope you are well. Thank you. Cheryl

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      2. Hello. It’s 11:30 on Friday night and I still have not done the assignment. I’m avoiding it because of the blog roll thingy. But I have been using my time to catch up on reading posts from other bloggers and it’s been fun. I’m glad that calm is coming through because that’s how I feel when I write. But it takes me so long to finally publish. I edit and edit and edit. I think it’s wonderful to keep family and friend’s involved in the events of your lives. I’m encouraging my husband to write and article about our 8 year journey dealing with his aggressive prostate cancer. Sharing these things helps others in so many ways.I’ll be reading your blog as soon as I’ve caught up on comments. Sleep tight.


    1. Trudi. Thank you so very much for reposting It’s a Beautiful Day…. I love the way the Gravatars came out. I want to do that, but haven’t figured it all out yet. I’m such a slow learner! Well, I’m honored to be on your blog page. It has really made my day.


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