It is eight o’clock at night here in Rhode Island. I am finally beginning my assignment. I’ve chosen to write about Sanctuary. It always seems to underlie each and every poem, article and story I write. It would appear I am smitten. The sound of the word resonates within me. Sanctuary…. After finishing A Berkshire Tale, I realized that what I had done within the pages of those ten children’s stories was to create my own world in which children and animals are loved and protected by the caring adults around them. They are accepted for their own unique selves and because of it they are able to safely explore, thrive and be successful in life. It is certainly a world in which I would love to inhabit and which  I can choose to inhabit any time I revisit a chapter or share a segment with a class full of children or a friend in a nursing home.

As I read through our shared blog entries each day, I am especially taken in by the About Pages and the personal journals. Here, I’ve discovered people who have been disappointed,  fractured even, by the casual cruelties encountered on their own life journeys. After reading my post, “I Had Plans”, other neighbors shared with me plans they’d once had. Their lives were not the ones they’d dreamed of once upon a time. Those plans had somewhere, somehow gone awry. Like the shared journal entries of those fractured during childhood by bullies or in adulthood by life’s events, they are all resilient  in their own unique ways. But more than that, they are striving to make this world a better place for the people they touch each day.

My friend Kate in Australia welcomes children into her home while their parents are at work. An unplanned event; an act of kindness; a sanctuary  around a kitchen table complete with crayons and paper. http://katesclippings.wordpress.comimg_0905


And then there is my neighbor, Jeannette, in Saint Paul. Her hope to be an astronaut never happened, but she now writes a  blog  centered around helping people who are sick or weak due to age or illness. She has certainly rolled with life’s punches.

I find this all immensely comforting and intensely sustaining. Affirming Anne Frank’s belief in humanity and Blanche Dubois’  trust in the kindness of strangers.

Right now there is a  typhoon bearing down on Japan. I am worried about my new friend, Elle, who has helped me as I stumble along through Blogging 101. I hope that she and her family are safe. She jokingly wrote today that if we don’t see her post, maybe her house has blown away. Her site  is one of a number of sites dedicated to creating a community for international mothers in Japan. I love the tag line of KA International Mothers in Japan. It reads “Surviving With Humor, Tears and a Lot of Help From Each Other”  How wonderful is that? A group of mothers reaching out and connecting to create for their children and each other a small sanctuary in their corner of the world.

The clock shows quarter  past eleven here in Rhode Island. It has taken me a long time to complete this blog post. Culling down to just three neighbors was more difficult than I’d expected. After I officially “publish”, I will be checking  in with Elle to read  today’s post and know that she has safely weathered the storm.

As I said in “I Had Plans” we create our own Bread Loafs. We also create our own Sanctuaries  and they all, in some way, make our world a better place to be.





33 thoughts on “Sanctuary

  1. Clare
    When we first got together you talked about moving to a farm in Vermont. At the time I thought the farm was to be your escape from the hurt in your life you had gone through over the previous few years. I was wrong. You were even then looking to build a sanctuary. Although Vermont didn’t happen, a sanctuary was created here. The other day we were sitting on the patio listening to the birds, looking at the many flowers and plants surrounding us and we talked about how our home is a sanctuary for us both as well as for our pets. I think what you created has been a big part in helping to be able to deal with the physical issues that have come into our lives.
    Thank you

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      1. That is a great strategy, Cm, and indeed, one to put into practice.
        “Now, c’m ‘ere toxic big sister, I’ve got some distance to put between us …” 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Robin. Do you realize that I often write with your music keeping me company? It takes me a long while to get a post just as I want it and I edit a lot. thankfully, you have created many pieces of inspiration for me.

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  2. Really! Wow!!! That’s fantastic, Cm … hmm, well having said that I’d hate the thought of your uplifting scribals being tweaked by this ole burn out! 🙂 I jest. Seems that I am used by a growing number of authors for this very same. Hey, btw, if you ever get tired of hearing the same old tunes; my stuff’s all over the place; I’ll send new links if you need a change. All the best, Cm. You go, girrrl—Nice!

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    1. I’m getting an account to buy your albums.My cousin is visiting from California and she’s a big fan. Very impressed that we tweet! You’re famous all over! Thanks for all the tunes you send my way. Sets a lovely tone for the work.

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      1. Well, that is very lovely of you, Cm. Should be able to fix you up w a digital d/load gift, too. And without high jacking your post (too much—Yikes! Sorry), did you know Cybill Shepherd dances to a song of mine? But this post is about you, not me. Hugs, my dear.

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      2. She has very good taste. Do you happen to know which one? I still really like “Belief”.I listened to it when was doubting myself and you sent it to me and turned things around.


      3. Don’t buy, unless you already have (a hopeless business man, I know), but I’d be happy to drop off anything cd wise (if that is your medium of choice) when I (hopefully, finally am free of the whole house probate estate sale in the coming year) travel a little; would be happy to let you have whatever you wish. Btw Cybil Shepherd’s character found her “inner disco diva” personna to this fluffy lil piece of pop nonsense: She Got The Look. (I did tell you it was Fluffy, didn’t I?!)

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      4. Robin, you were one of the first people I met on social media and I cherish the friendship we’ve created since that time. I’m a big fan of your music and have listened to it many times when I’m writing a post. I haven’t been very conscientious about writing on my poor blog since January, but you certainly can understand how life can get in the way. Thank you, again, for the generous sharing of your music. When I finally get Carnivore Conundrum in print form, I’ll send you a copy. I made a CD of me reading the verses and I think you would definitely enjoy it. Love, CMS

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      5. Thank again for ongoing support of my creative endeavors, CM. ” Not very conscientious about writing on my poor blog since January”—’S Life, my dear, an assassin sneaking up when we’re not payin attention. Thank you, also for the Carnivore Conundrum offer. Really happy, too, that you have the practical business support of Charley to complement your creative output. Break a scribal leg @ the Rhode Island expo. Go get em, adult child! 🙂

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      6. I was at a writers’ conference at the university this past week and met some very interesting literary folks. The RI expo is in December and it will be filled with other Rhode Island writers selling their books (135) so who know who will want to buy mine? But I hope to have Carnivore published and printed by then because I think it will be very popular around Christmas.

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  3. Dear Claremary, I stopped by Zuzu to apologize for the press with out the presentation. Quick sigh to see your Sanctuary title…there’s another song about sanctuary singing in my soul now….
    I simply adore your surroundings and the sentiment you share. I can just smell the floral as the breeze whispers across my nose. Thank you thank you for considering to promote my treasure pic. It’s a progress in work. Love, Tru

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    1. Trudi, you are quite welcome. No apologies necessary. You, yourself are a treasure. Have a lovely day. I must do my assignment now or I will fall hopelessly behind next week as I’m sure the tasks will be more difficult. Love, Clare

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  4. Your post made me think about my plans. Oddly enough, I have ended up where I planned to be. As a sophomore in college in Ohio, I wrote in a steno notebook (remember stenography!?) that I would become a professor, teach at a college, and live in a big old house somewhere in New England. Approximately fifteen years after I wrote that, I lived in a big old house in a Vermont village and taught at a nearby college, but I’d forgot what I’d written until I came across the notebook fairly recently. What I could not have anticipated is the many quirks and side roads and leaps and bumps I’ve experienced. And there are so many layers to the experience… Thanks for the prompt to consider them.

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    1. An old house in village in Vermont sounds just lovely. Yes, there are tiers after tiers in all our lives leading us up to where we are today. I think about it so often and realize that some of the worst disappointments in my own life were the most fortunate in the long run. You are quite welcome, Ann.

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      1. “realize that some of the worst disappointments in my own life were the most fortunate in the long run.” So True, Cm. So true … oh if only “hindsight” were in the “here & now!” 🙂

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      2. True, Cm. Though, often the cheeriest of lyrics/cheeriest of times don’t often make for deeply connecting songs o mine. However … not always! 😉

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