International Cat Day!!!!!!!!!



Roxie, here! Today is International Cat Day and since Mom and Dad are not around I thought I’d post some cute pictures of me. Here is my latest, gorgeous head shot! It’s for my Mom’s newest blog posts. About me! “Wait a minute! You get out of here, ZuZu! I’m the oldest and I’m in charge of the computer when Mom and Dad are away! Hey, don’t touch that computer, I said, keep our paws off the computer! Ouch!”


ZuZu, here! So, this is a photo of Dad holding me when I was a tiny baby. He really loves me.IMG_5213 Much more than Roxie. I don’t bite and I never get underfoot. Mom wrote a whole book about me, A Berkshire Tale. It’s so incredibly popular that Mom and Dad had to go up to the Berkshires this weekend to bring more books for the shops to sell. They’re running out! “Hey, stop pushing me, Roxie! I’m gonna tell Mom when she gets home!”


“You big, whiney baby, ZuZu!  Move over! Look at these pictures. If Dad loves you so much, why am I always closer to him when we sit in his lap?And why do I have a special place at the counter so I can help cook? And why do I get to help Mom brush her teeth every morning? And wasn’t I the featured arrangement on the Christmas table in Dad’s new computer bag! And don’t forget how I helped wrap the Christmas gifts this year, Huh? Tell me something I don’t know, Cutesie Butt!”

“Roxie, you think you’re so smart. Those were my toys you wrapped.

IMG_2216 And don’t forget, I was the main attraction on the dining room table at Easter. Everyone thought I was so adorable all cuddled up in Mom’s Easter Basket. Mom says that since I know how to behave myself,  I’ll get to go to the Gazebo. I pretty sure I heard her tell Dad you’re not going outside with us any more, because you bite and scratch her and keep trying to escape! And what about MY book?  People say it’s utterly charming. I even have a special quilted bag so the characters in the book can take me to famous places. Where’s your bag? Huh? Huh? Stop pushing me, Roxie! I’m telling’ Mom on you!”

IMG_5782“You think you’re so precious, ZuZu. I know for a fact that Mom’s been writing blogs about me. People can’t get enough.  I even have a fan club! You know what that means? Huh? Huh? It means you’re history! Everyone’s clamoring for blog  posts about The Other Cat aka Roxie and pretty soon there’ll be way more posts and followers than people who buy that stupid book about you!”

“It’s not stupid, Roxie!  It’s charming, and everyone says I’m the sweetest, little tabby ever.”

“Yeah, well, I’ve got an idea. Let’s let the yellow snake decide who’s the sweetest, little kitty ever. I’ll open the cage and he can lick us. Let’s let him make the final decision. You can even go first, ZuZu.”IMG_1338




28 thoughts on “International Cat Day!!!!!!!!!

      1. Thanks and yes I like playing with perspectives when I write. I think it all started with Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying. I realized that each chapter could be from someone else’s point of view and I was hooked on writing from other perspectives.

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      2. Faulkner is a tough read. Very long run-on sentences, sometimes obscure, and depressing at times. This particular book is not that difficult but one of the narrators is a woman on her death bed watching out her window as her coffin is being built. Stay away from it if you’re having a bad day!

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  1. Hi cutest cats….your gravatar doesn’t direct anyone to your blog I googled a couple of permutations( mine was the same) until another kind blogger let me know, you are missing out on probably a lot of hits. If you need any help , happy to help 🙂

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    1. If you knew how many people are concerned about Roxie’s self-esteem. Total strangers read that I have two cats and ask why the other cat has no book! Even Shafali is in sis tent that Roxie has a say. So, last week’s blogs were totally centered around her. And she actually seemed to take on an attitude! She’ll appreciate your vote of confidence.

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      1. I think she was way beyond any help therapy could offer when she came to us at age three. Damage done! And my husband’s kind heart makes excuses for her bad behavior which she repays with total adoration. I admit her antics keep us laughing on a daily basis.

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    1. We’re up in Lenox. Great concert tonight at Tanglewood. Guess the kitties got into the MAC while we were away. That Boa is Mellow Yellow from my first book, as of yet unpublished, called The Best Reptile Birthday Party Ever! I have some interesting photos of him wrapped around tiny, little children! I’ll show you when we visit. We had to replenish book supplies up here in the stores, so the trip was extremely productive and fun. We are staying at a Yoga Retreat House. Jack would love it! Ha!


    1. Yes, I’m sure there’ll be many more stories about them. Right now they’re sitting in the window watching a large, brown rabbit eat grass. Roxie is licking her lips. Just like I do when I see something made of chocolate! Thank you….Clare

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      1. I really hope to read more about them 😉 I’m actually more a dog person, but I like cats too. I had one, but unfortunately died to soon… Although all the mischiefs that cats do, they’re still good friends 🙂

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      2. Animals who love us, no matter what, always tend to leave us too soon. I wish I could have my dog Jasmine back for one day. I’d do all the things she loved and give her anything she wanted. All I can do when a beloved animal dies, is take in another pet and make a good life for it in thanks for all I am given. I think that’s one of the reasons I wrote A Berkshire Tale. I don’t want ZuZu to ever go away and I can keep her a baby tabby in my books forever. Thanks for stopping by for a visit… Clare

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    1. I actually wrote a book called “The Best Reptile Birthday Party Ever” and there are pictures of this gentle creature stretch out across a room on the arms of gleeful party goers. I’ll have to publish it some day.


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