I’ll Give You Stars and The Moon…….

Charley and I have a tradition. In August, just around our anniversary,we get into his convertible, put the top down, proceed to the turf fields, park the car, put the seats back and watch the Perseids meteor showers. We point to the sky and yell “Wahooey” every time we catch sight of a falling star and then we make a wish. We keep our wishes simple: health and time to share with each other. (Although, this year, I did throw in a wish for a literary agent. Writing, editing, formatting, illustrating, publishing and marketing a book is demanding. But I digress……..)

This week is our fifteenth wedding anniversary. We married late in life, so there was a lot of catching up to do and we make the most of every day we have together. When he was diagnosed with aggressive cancer eight years ago, the importance of time seemed to be looming over us each morning we woke, throughout every day, and in the darkness of the long nights. Holding hands, which we’ve always enjoyed, took on new meaning. Everything took on new meaning. And so this anniversary, the first one we are celebrating since he’s been declared in remission, is a special present for both of us.

I’m not  a card or gift person. Even before we were married, whenever he’d ask IMG_6899what I wanted for a birthday, an anniversary, Christmas or any special occasion, I would always say “Time”. (Although, I bugged him for quite a while to get his ears checked, which he finally did one Valentine’s Day. The hearing aids are still working fine, I might add. And now we can both be in the same room watching TV. So, in a sense, I did get more time together, even with that gift. He used to joke and  tell people he loved his new hearing aids because he could turn off the one closest to me whenever he got the urge. Gotta love ’em!) And so, last Thursday, around midnight, we grabbed a blanket and jumped into his  apple red convertible.

This is his second convertible since we married. Before we were married, I asked him if there was anything he’d always wanted (besides a fantastic catch like me). He assured me I was all he needed. With a little more coaxing  he confided that he’d once dreamed about having a red convertible.

When we arrived in our spiffy, new car with the top down for the wedding reception, his friend Mike looked at the automobile asking incredulously,”Is this your mid-life crisis?” Charley, without skipping a beat answered, “Oh, no. Clare’s my mid-life crisis.” Gotta love ’em!

And so, as the first hours of Thursday approached,  we drove down our road to sit in the darkness and watch the stars streaking through the heavens. We pointed and screamed and held hands. It was a lovely night and we filled it with our laughter. It started me thinking. He’s been talking for years about taking an astronomy course. He loves science.

As I said, I’m not a card or gift person, but this year I am giving him a surprise: membership in Skyscrapers  www.theskyscrapers.org   It’s a group founded in 1932 as the Amateur Astronomical Society of Rhode Island by Dr. James Smiley of Brown University. The society meets at Seagrave Memorial Observatory and has a restored 1878 Alvan Clark refractor and some incredible telescopes. They have lectures, discussions and trips and they lend out portable telescopes to members. I’m getting a membership for me, too, so we can share his love of astronomy.  He’ll be reading this as soon as I post it. He’s my biggest follower so, Happy Anniversary, Honey!





47 thoughts on “I’ll Give You Stars and The Moon…….

      1. Sage advice Clare.
        I live on the eastern seaboard of Australia. Ours is largely a beach culture and tourist destination, although also a favourite place for retirees.
        It is Sunday lunchtime here and the weather is cool for us. We are approaching spring so before long I’ll be a model of industry in my garden as things shoot and bud.

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  1. That sounds like a beautiful thing to do on your anniversary!! And happy anniversary to you both. 🙂 I’m so happy you guys found each other, even later in life, it just makes it that much sweeter! What a wonderful surprise for him, he’ll love it! Here’s to many more years of staring at the stars together. 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Lydia. And here’s to many years of playing wonderful music together! Hey, shouldn’t you be doing some vacationing right no? Congrats on your first pay check from the vet but no more work! Sweet dreams and I’ll check in again soon.. Clare

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    1. I realize it looks like a romantic tale, but it was work to get to where we are now. So many cruel forces that didn’t want us to stay together. Some of the journey has been quite sad. That’s why we’ll never take anything for granted ever again. I know from reading your posts that it has been a very difficult journey for you. You survived and understand what I’m saying. My blog is about talking with kindred spirits.(On a lighter side – I am going to attempt those lemon squares this week, They are Charley’s favorite dessert.) Thank you and have a peaceful Sunday…. Clare

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  2. Happy anniversary to you and Charley! My SWE friend, Linda B., is a longtime member of Skyscrapers… I know she would be happy to introduce you both around. I will email her and let her know Charley has joined. 😀

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    1. Hey, I miss you!. I’d love to chat some early morning soon. The blog is not frustrating me as much as when I first started out. I still have a lot to learn, but would never be at this point without your help. You can’t know how much I appreciate that, Peg. I wrote a great little piece about a baby pitcher plant that refuses to eat meat. It’s in verse and there are pics, too from the Botanical Garden at Roger Williams Park. Do you want to take a look at it? I mailed in the form yesterday, so definitely tell Linda we’ll be joining up. “To the moon, Alice!” Have a great week and I’m so happy to wake up to your note this morning!.

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  3. Dear Clare and Charley, Happy Anniversary, and many more from a new friend.
    You only asking for more time, then getting him a red convertible is the most romantic thing I’ve ever heard.
    Congrats on being cancer free, Charley!

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    1. I was single for 50 years, so I pretty much got what I wanted. He was married and his whole life centered (and in a way, still does) around his 2 kids and now grandkids.(You can identify with this!) So for once, I felt he needed to get something he wanted. He loves putting the top down on that thing and buzz around when the weather is nice.And I love watching him! Win/Win. (And there’d better be a happy ending to the Strawberry Girl Saga!) Clare

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      1. Yup! never interested in marriage. When he popped the question,my first reaction was “Didn’t you do that before. And how’d that work out for you?” And he still persisted! Take care of that little one and give yourself a hug, too. Clare

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  4. Clare, Happy Anniversary to you both! It’s nice to know that while we were watching the Perseid meteor shower, we were also watching your celebratory astral fireworks! Here’s to many more anniversaries!

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    1. Ah, kindred spirits and stargazers, too. What a beautiful show it was. Last year, the moon was out, but this year the darkened sky was a perfect backdrop for shooting stars. Happy to know you were out there, too. Thanks……Clare


  5. How lovely! My husband and I will be celebrating our 22nd anniversary in September, and for the past several years, all we have wanted is “Time.” We used to exchange gifts and cards, but then we realized that we had what we wanted in each other, and to celebrate that, we now just devote some time to remembering how lucky we are to have each other. Love makes all the difference!

    You know, you can get more of anything else if you’re determined enough, but when time is gone, it’s gone.

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  6. You have a wonderful relationship – I love this story. As you say, each day, each moment is precious, and my husband and I feel that more and more each day. Fortunately, apart from aches and pains, our health is not too bad, but we are slowing down for sure. We have been married for fifty-three years.

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  7. How can I resist a post titled ‘I’ll give you Stars and the Moon’ …. love late in life can be the best of all and yours clearly is. Time is the most precious gift of all – none should be wasted – you so clearly understand this but what I love is the lightness and laughter even through the tears that must have been shed freely along the way.

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    1. Oh, many tears, which is why we grab at every chance for laughter and can be very silly at times. Our perspective is certainly skewed by the experiences we’ve had in the last eight years of operations and clinical trials. Any opportunity to have fun is never wasted on us.

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      1. You, my friend are a girl after my own heart. I send the warmest wishes to you and your husband for many more laughs to come – carpe diem was clearly written for you!!

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