Ahoy, Maties! It’s Talk Like A Pirate Day! AARRRRGHHHHHH!

Well, it’s been a year since I first published this post and once again the big day – Monday September 19th to be exact –  is almost here! Charley’s #1 top of the chart Holiday – Talk Like a Pirate Day 2016.  So, I’m digging in to my treasure chest and posting this little jewel once again. I mean, how much more can one say about a day dedicated to walking around with a mug of tepid ale while gingerly scratching one’s nether regions with a hook  and using an incredibly limited vocabulary to express the complex thoughts we know all pirates are harboring under those colorful bandanas? I think I’ve said it all and for that matter, I’ll probably use this post next year, too. Deja Vu!

Have a lovely week, everyone!

Photo on 9-15-13 at 2.46 PMToday is “Talk Like A Pirate Day” a National Holiday around our house. At least, according to Charley.

The Pirate Flag has been hoisted on its own petard out on our front porch for all to see. Actually, it’s been up all week (replacing my lovely “Welcome Fall” Flag)  in anticipation of the big holiday. And here are some of the very special things we have to look forward to:


I will be referred to as “Wench” throughout the day. Needless to say, I won’t be answering when summoned.

“Booty” will be discussed whenever it can casually be inserted into a conversation. We won’t be casually conversing much today.

Every sentence will begin and end in  Arrrrgh! Aarrrghhhh! AAAAARRRRRGGGHH! or some such form of Argh! Not a problem, because, as previously stated, we won’t be conversing much today.

Charley’s red convertible will become “The Jolly Roger’ for 24 interminable hours. He’ll drive around with the top down yelling, “Yo, Ho, Ho!” and “Avast Yee Maties!” to any hapless person in the near vicinity. I am praying for rain. Constant, heavy, pelting, torrential downpours all day long.

The neighbors will probably stop by, curious about the eye patch. They’ll ask if my husband has sustained an injury and I will assure them, “Not yet, but very soon.”

All purchases will be made with doubloons and pieces of eight.  I will not be accompanying my husband on any shopping trips to Target, Walmart or Home Depot today. Past experience has taught me well that busy cashiers have just so much patience to dole out on their more eccentric customers  (better know  as “weirdos”)  who hold up the lines at their registers insisting on paying  with plastic replicas of antiquated foreign currency.

At the end of the day, over a hearty meal of some type of lumpy, greyish gruel (I would guess)  we’ll raise our mugs of luke-warm ale in honor of Pirates and Wenches everywhere celebrating the grandest holiday of all, just like Charley and me out here in the woods of South County.

IMG_2880 (1)

                                             Or maybe not!  AAAAARRRRRRGGGHHHHHH!!!


Photo on 9-15-13 at 2.42 PM









104 thoughts on “Ahoy, Maties! It’s Talk Like A Pirate Day! AARRRRGHHHHHH!

  1. Charley and I sound like kindred spirits. The Very First Movie I Saw in My Life was Blackbeard the Pirate. (Yes, I’m no spring chicken.) I loved every minute of it. Many many years later I had to have major eye surgery, so took the opportunity to swan around town in a black eye patch. I teamed it with a plum red velvet jacket, ruffled white shirt, black pants and high-heeled boots. Did I feel cool. But (here’s the downside – you know I’m a history nerd) being “hoist with your own petard” means being blown up by your own bomb. So I don’t think that’s what yon piratical villain and his wicked wench have been a-doing of lately?

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    1. Ah, blowing up the pirate flag! What an idea! When I first heard that saying, it was used in a similar context meaning doing something spiteful that eventually ends up turning on you. (I think it was a Monty Python Episode?) It has been hoisted and we shall see what the future holds for it! The wicked wench has plans! (Very loosely translated in this instance, I admit.) I would love to see pictures of you in that outfit. Not sure what kind of bloggers you’ll attract, if you post them???? Could be interesting, though…..Clare

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      1. Sorry, no pics of me in wannabe pirate mode were taken. A pity. Nowadays if I wore heels like the ones on those boots I’d fall off them. A cat I had at the time figured out in 5 minutes flat I was blind in one eye. I’d be sitting in front of the TV with my evening meal on a plate on my lap, talking to my flatmate (room-mate), and I’d look down to see a little black paw coming in from my blind side to hook something off the plate.

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      2. I can reveal that there are indications in Gib’s papers (which I haven’t fully transcribed yet) of a meeting with a ship’s cat who sailed the Spanish Main. This cat may well have something to say about what we would nowadays call piracy. (The Spanish certainly called it that.) I think Roxie would have made a great ship’s cat back then. Coolness under fire, etc.

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    1. Argggghhhhhhh! I tried to re-post this and ended up with 3 copies being sent out to everyone! I am hopeless! I ended up re-blogging it and I guess it is now posted because here you are. Sorry about the redundancy of it all. Hope you’re doing well and sending you positive thoughts this week. Clare

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      1. OK, so that’s what I did and it did not publish right away. So I did it again and about two minutes later it published and I had 2 posts that were the same. So I deleted one and then they both deleted, forcing me to go to the re-blog button, which I did not want to do and it published it without the photo on the top and without the “More” at the end so the reader can continue. And of course, all of this was being emailed to the poor people, like you, who follow me. Good it was only 345 words!

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  2. It sounds awful but at least you can laugh about it, as did I! You should try coming to the UK for the first weekend in May. Brixham, a small coastal town in Devon, has a Pirate Weekend. As it is a bank holiday it’s a 3 day weekend too. That’s Brixham, twinned with Hell On Earth 😂

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      1. I’ve just seen your comment about how to reblog. This always works for me: on a computer, bring up your post that you want to reblog. Scroll to the end and you should see a button marked ‘Reblog.’ If you hit that it brings up a little window for you to add any new words, an explanation etc, and when you’ve finished you just hit ‘Reblog’ again. Hope that helps.

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      2. Hope so, I’ve made it sound complicated but it’s actually quite easy as long as you open up the original post in the right way. It looks quite elegant when you do it that way too, with your new text looking like a normal post and the reblogged one in a window below.

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      3. If you’re feeling brave, why not try it the way I suggested right up to the point where you publish. If you don’t like it, you can always delete without publishing. I’ve done it several times and no one has yet complained about multiple emails!

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      4. I really love my followers and am not going to try their patience with this particular post. But I think I’ll pick another post as a guinea pig. National Farm Alpaca Day is next weekend, so I’ll see what I have written in previous posts about alpacas. Now you’ve motivated me to get it right!

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  3. Sorry, me again! I forgot to say that that method works if you go to the post via WP Admin, then click on ‘all posts’ and ‘view’ the one you want. Maybe I need to relearn this too!

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  4. A fun day for sure, apart from the gastronomical features! 19 September is also the day that New Zealand women won the right to vote in national elections, back in 1893. It figures prominently in my own mind because my great-grandmother Ada Wells was heavily involved.

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    1. Right now our “Fall” Flag is “Surrender Ye Booty!” Hopefully it will be replaced with a pumpkin flag some day soon, but Charley is in charge of the flags – so we’ll see how long the pirate flag stays up! Yes, Clive was telling me about Whitby and I made him swear that word of those celebrations never got to Charley!
      I had the hardest time reposting this and it was published 3 times before I got it right. And even then, the header photo was left off and the “More” never showed up and it never got to my Facebook Page. I just gave up after a while. I may try to repost a piece National Alpaca Day which is this Sunday. Clive says I need to keep doing it until I get it right! I totally agree, but don’t know how many corrected post emails my blogging friends will tolerate.

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      1. I think your friends will tolerate a lot from you Clare. 🙂 I thought it a lovely tale and look forward to the Alpaca one. I didn’t know they had a national day. Fancy that! ( I m not putting any ellipses in, please note) I like the idea of a Pumpkin Flag. Halloween seems to be dying out here. We aren’t as sociable as you across the Pond and hate people knocking our door for sweets. Many have been known ( me included) to sit in darkness until its all over…

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      2. Unfortunately, we live in the woods and therefore, very few trick-or-treaters venture up our long, dark driveway. I usually wait at the door with a large bowl of candy every holiday, sometimes pathetically entreating visitors from our front porch. When we do get a tot or two,I excitedly jump up and down and pour half the bowl into their bags. Maybe I’ll be luckier this year????? I’ll take a photo of our pumpkins flag for you.I posted the alpaca tale today and did it okay but the emails didn’t get sent and it never linked to my twitter and Facebook. Oh well!


      3. Yes I missed the Alpaca notification so will check now. Would like to see pictures of all of your flags…. its very American. I love it. I don’t think the Brits would be so keen Shame really.
        Live in a wood? Very Little Red Riding Hood. Do you get scared?

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