Trying to Reblog and Screwing It Up

I came across and interesting graphic on another blogger’s site. Rachel Poli writes reviews and blogs about the importance of reading and literature. You should check in at  when you get a chance.  She found this graphic on Pinterest. ( I might add that I’m just learning the ins and outs of Pinterest myself, although I keep referring to it as Pin Interest. I’m a very slow learner. )  I originally tried to reblog Rachel’s entire post, but was unsuccessful (as those of you who received my email notifications regarding my attempts at corrections are now well aware.) Rachel started her post with a note that she had not been feeling well and since that is all that got posted on my home page, people are now sending me their best regards and hopes that I’m feeling better. (I’m fine, but I’ll send on your regards to Rachel. Sorry about that! )

Thank you, Rachel, and we hope you’re feeling better. If I get this right, the graphic should appear


20 thoughts on “Trying to Reblog and Screwing It Up

      1. I signed up for Pinterest but that’s as far as it went. I must try to do something with it. I thought about posting images of Afghanistan to highlight events and places in my books. Yes, lots and lots to learn!

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  1. Very nice job! I laugh a little because I made an attempt at reblogging and it was miserable. People were telling me how great my Irish relish was!! I tired to reblog a dear friend’s lovely Irish relish! 🙂 Your post looks lovely now!!

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    1. Someday in the near future, I would love to do something new and get it right the first time. But, as I used to tell my students, mistakes are good if we learn from them. And I have come a long way since my first April posts. Thank you, Lynn.

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    1. Me, too. I actually went to Pinterest and found the graphic. I opened up a board for graphics that I might like to use in my posts. Now I just have to figure out how to move them from the board into my blog. I saw that you had a post on Halloween and will be reading it sometime today. But now, back to trying to get pictures into my media file for today’s post.

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