56 thoughts on “Happy Pumpkin Day !

    1. You’re welcome. I’ve decided to just post pictures sometimes now that I can do a reasonable job of inserting them into a post. Hope all is going well with you and you’re getting some time to actually breathe between everything that is going on. Heading over to visit you now. I’m up really late tonight and am glad of the company.

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    1. In the last chapter of my book, Nick tells ZuZu the story of Charlotte’s Web and ZuZu is horrified (“The spider dies? This can’t be right!” she declares) Because, you see, ZuZu loves happy endings.
      The carved pumpkin displays are from the annual lHalloween Spooktacular at Roger Williams Park Zoo in our capitol city of Providence. I’ve put some of the photos through an App to make them look like paintings.

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      1. I’m doing about 1 post a week for now and have used only my photos for 2 of them. This is working for me right now, as it gives me some time to work on writing books.Thanks for reading and for your comments, Robyn.

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  1. I love the classic webs of orb web spiders. I had an orb web spider, whom I named Miranda, living beneath my kitchen window. By day she sheltered in the outdoor tap, and at night she came out to mend her web (slung between the window sill and the tap) and then sit in the middle waiting for insects attracted by the kitchen light. Her prime location was inherited by a daughter (Miranda II). One night I was lucky enough to observe her elaborate courtship and wedding. Her suitor had the foresight to spin himself a safety harness (a strand from his rear end that was attached to the window sill) so he could swing out of Miranda II’s web immediately post-consummation. I didn’t have a camera capable of doing close-up photography back then, and I still regret it. Seeing this performance (and it took a fair while) has to be a once in a lifetime experience!

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