Wishing You a Peaceful Day of Thanks

IMG_7287From the Berkshire Hills and from our home in South County, Rhode Island, we are sending ย you our heartfelt hopes for a Peaceful Day of Thanks wherever you may be today.

And I just want to add that I feel incredible gratitude for all of the bloggers I’ve been communicating with during the last few months. You have added so much to enrich my life and it is truly appreciated. When I give thanks tomorrow for the good things in my life, you all will be included in that prayer.

Best Wishes from our home to yours,

Clare, Charley, ZuZu, Roxie Dammit aka The Other Cat, and all of the animals hunkering down for winter at ZuZu’s Barn.


32 thoughts on “Wishing You a Peaceful Day of Thanks

  1. What a beautiful collection of pictures, Clare, If some of them are in your book, I think they’ll be a great complement to your stories. And you and Charley look so happy! Have a wonderful and peaceful Thanksgiving.

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      1. All is well here in RI. It’s starting to get cold and I’m ready to get comfortable and write all winter.
        We just had a new oven installed yesterday and I’ve been on your blog for the last half hour reading and pinning recipes.Your story has taken such a happy turn. I love the square dancers and the photo in you other postss are beautiful.
        For some reason, I was not able to press “like” or leave a comment. I kept getting a message that my computer was in the process of loading. I’ll return again to reread your story and write some comments, too. I just started following milliethom and we have been “talking” all afternoon. I really like her blog and she is lovely. it makes me sad to think that we are all so far away. We’d make such wonderful neighbors! Visit you again soon. Hugs to you and the children, too.

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    1. I love taking photos and now that I actually know how to place them in a post, I think it adds to the text. Thank you for your lovely comment, Somali. This week I’ll publish a Christmas post on a recent trip to New York City and the pictures are very festive.Have a wonderful Holiday….Clare


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