I Just Found the Snowflake Thingy!

DSCN0173I was lying here on the couch binge reading other people’s blog posts and WHOA! Sandy informed readers we could go to the general settings in our menu and get snow to fall on our blog pages! YIKES! A new challenge with immediate gratification! So, I went to my Menu then to Settings then to General, checked off “Snow falling on my blog until January 4th” and then I pressed “Save Changes”. Yipppppeeeeee! Now, I’m not sure if it’s going to work, but if it does, I’m rewarding my clever self with the rest of the ice cream sandwiches in the refrigerator!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Just previewed this and I’m immediately gratified! Now off to the kitchen for some ice cream! Thanks, Sandy! Enjoy Robyn!


75 thoughts on “I Just Found the Snowflake Thingy!

    1. Good news- I love it when I can actually follow directions and get something to work. These incidents are few and far between! And, I tried the slide show feature in Media and that worked, too, except for people who get the email and don’t go directly to the blog post. I found that out after the fact.
      Bad news- no more ice cream in the freezer! Take care, Yvette!

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    1. Charley tried it on his iPhone (email). He got the gazebo pic and the text but he didn’t get the slide show. I tried to open it in his email on my Mac Laptop and it said I needed Java Script. I guess it only works when you go straight to the Word Press Blog Site????? It actually looks like tiny dandruff falling around on the screen.If you have dandruff you could kind of simulate the effect, I guess????

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      1. I couldn’t see it in my ‘reader’ until I went to your actual site, then it workd 😉 Nice one! But a bit weird for us Aussie bloggers to put on ours, ha! I’ll just enjoy your pretty photos of snow instead!

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      2. Hi, Carolyn, Funny you should mention that it’s summer down under. It was actually an Aussie blogger that inspired the snowy post. I did it especially for her to remember a winter day with her children in Central Park, NYC. Enjoy your sunshine. New Englanders will be quite jealous of you come January and February! Clare

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      3. Thank you! We’re weird down here, we have our BBQs and sunshine, but hold onto our snowy Christmas cards, roast meals and hot Christmas puddings! (actually our family does cold meat and salads which makes more sense) It’s a nice mix 😉 But enjoy your beautiful views, roaring fires & hot food. New England sounds lovely 🙂

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      1. Ha ha! Yes I’m a hopeless romantic at heart despite being in the wrong hemisphere at Christmas. Years ago we were in NY and desperately wanted to ride a sleigh through Central Park. We were there a bit early I’m afraid so we enjoyed a carriage ride instead. My girls were small (8 and 10 years) but like me, they were enchanted.

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  1. Let it snow, let it snow let it snow! I love this wigety gizmet or whatever they call these things and it gets even better! This year it started all by itself which made me very happy as otherwise I would have had to tax my grey cell (stet singular) in working out how to do it again.

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      1. Not been into the city yet. Just finding my Stow feet and of course into Harvard with the Brains. When I get back on 29th I’ll get more adventurous I’m sure 🙂

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      2. I’m a little piqued it’s true but will give the benefit of the doubt as they may be distracted with holiday season. Let there be no mercy in the New Year! 😉

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  2. The ‘snow thingy’ is great, isn’t it? So many blogs have done the same as you, including me. It looks really pretty. Congratulations on working it out on your own. My blogger daughter told me about it, so I suppose I got there the easy way. We’re unlikely to see real snow here this year, but at least I can enjoy it on my blog.

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    1. You’re welcome. I felt the same way when I followed Sandy’s instructions and it worked! And just this week, Melinda taught me how to finally do a ping back! I’ve always said I’m a late-bloomer, but I’m proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks!


    1. And it will disappear tomorrow and go to wherever blogosphere snow flakes go when their job is done! Maybe the happiness engineers will offer something else in the future and maybe I’ll even be able to figure out how to get it onto my blog? Will wonders never cease?

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