A Holiday State of Mind

During the first week in December, Charley and I went on another adventure with our friends Jack and Jean. We took a pleasant train ride from our local Kingston Station to Penn Station in New York and became part of the masses that flock to the Big Apple every year at this time.

We enjoyed the usual touristy things:

Shopping for crafts and gifts at the seasonal stalls in Central Park, Grand Central Station and Bryant Park.

Stopping in to Saint Patrick’s Cathedral

Checking out the holiday windowsΒ and department store decorationsΒ at Saks 5th Avenue, Lord and Taylor and Macy’s.

The Christmas Tree, “Toy” Soldiers and Angels at Rockefeller Center


And the Rockette’s Christmas Extravaganza at Radio City Music Hall

For a few days and nights we blended into the sights and sounds on the crowded streets of New York City during the holiday season. Then, we packed up, flagged down a cab, headed back to Penn Station with our friends and returned to South County.

Needless to say, Roxie and ZuZu were waiting expectantly for us to begin our own holiday celebration with them.

And so, from our home in the woods of Kingston to your home, wherever you may be, we wish you a Peaceful Holiday Season and a Prosperous and Happy New Year.

Love, Clare, Charley, ZuZu, and Roxie D.


84 thoughts on “A Holiday State of Mind

    1. They just spent a small fortune cleaning and refurbishing the exterior of St. Patrick’s Cathedral. It really is quite lustrous. But with the smog that envelops that city, the sparkle may not last long. If you love old architecture, than Grand Central Station would be an awesome site for you. When Jacqueline Kennedy was First Lady, the city of NY was going to demolish i . She launched a massive fund raising effort to save the landmark. It is quite an imposing structure inside and out. Well worth saving.

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    1. Yes, those two love all of the decorations that goes along with the holidays around here. And for some reason, Christmas music makes Roxie even more hyper active. That is why we have placed time-out boxes on the coffee table! I really wish everything turns out well with you and your family. I am hoping for the best for all of you in the New Year. You deserve it.

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  1. Hi, Clare! Love your photos! Especially enjoy seeing New York at Christmas. One of these days, I’d like to experience in person. But no snow?

    And those boxed cats? They are so cute!

    Have a joyful holiday season!

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    1. Those two can turn the house upside down, hence the “time-out” boxes on the coffee table. Last year we were all in awe of the warm December we were enjoying. And then came January! It seemed to snow every day and it just kept accumulating in February and March, with nowhere to put it.So, who knows what we’re in for this year?


    1. I have a theory that the Christmas music I play around the house is making Roxie crazy because she has been totally out of control this week. I was making a batch of gingerbread and left the bowl on the counter for a minute. When I turned around, she was on the counter, her paws filled with batter. Then she proceeded to run through the house spreading batter all over the place. The threat of Santa not stopping by this house has had absolutely no effect on her “helpful” behavior.

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      1. She is SO naughty! I will consult The Bean but I’m afraid she is very bad at sharing ….and I know you don’t actually mean it – you’d be lost without the little minx!

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      1. Thank you and I enjoy yours. as well. I believe we are on the same page. I like to look at the positive side of everything. Sometimes, it may not be realistic, but better than the alternative.

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    1. The Big City has many facets and although a few days is fun, I was glad to come home and enjoy it from a distance, through the photos.Since we’ve returned from New York, both cats have been stranger than usual. Very mischievous. But we’ve decorated and are playing Holiday music a lot, so maybe it is making them weird. The gingerbread batter was tossed out and floors, carpets and cushions cleaned. I’ll try baking again tomorrow. Maybe something white rather than brown? Sugar cookies????

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  2. Clare, your photos are gorgeous! I have never been to New York at Christmas but I feel as though I’ve had a virtual trip now. Aren’t the Christmas decorations just beautiful?
    Glad the cats appreciated your homecoming. No doubt there will be stories to come out of the holiday season with them. Wishing you, Charlie, ZuZu and Roxie a wonderful Christmas and all you wish for in 2016.

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  3. Clare, thanks for braving the big city, and taking pix!! I’ll never do it! And hey! Who took care of Roxie and ZuZu while you were gallivanting???????
    The cathedral is breathtaking!
    I must confess, I didn’t watch our show. Please forgive me Ethel!!
    Happy New Year! Love, Lucy

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    1. Looooooosie! We looked so young! You should have seen us! You are welcome. Charley had the urge to visit NYC and so we spent a few days there, but I was very happy to return to the woods. I left Roxie to babysit and when I returned home, she made me pay for it. (We do have a vet assistant who visits them a couple times each day while we are away to feed them and clean the litter box.) Roxie is writing the next post, so she’ll probably complain about being left alone with her little sister among so many other things. She will not be satisfied until she has her own book and then she’ll want a series and on and on … But Santa brought her some new toys and she is happily carrying them around the house and hiding them from ZuZu. So all is well tonight. I am going to spend the week getting rid of things and organizing for the New Year. I wish you were here to supervise! Take care and I’ll visit purple wonderland soon.Love, Ethel

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      1. Oh no! That Roxie, smh. Of course we looked young, Ethel! We are only 25!!
        Well, if she wants a book so bad, tell her to get Daddy to buy her a meow-to-type program!!
        Decluttering? Organizing?? Hey, Ethel, you’re horning in on my turf!!
        Oh well, it’s okay, because we’re a team!
        You do all the hard work, and I enjoy the fruits of your labors! lol
        Why you not laughing with me, Ethel??? ETHEL! Put down that shovel right now!!
        Love, Lucy

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  4. Where were the giant ornaments and nutcrackers? I love things that are bigger than they are supposed to be! What a marvelous looking trip. I miss having a big city to visit at the holidays.

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    1. The ornaments are across from Radio City,, the drummers at the Tree and ice rink, the nutcrackers in front of one the stores. But the best of all was on the 9th floor of Saks that day. Free treats and samples from some of the City’s best caterers! And champagne in flutes! That store knows how to throw a party!

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    1. After I published the post, I realized I’d videoed the Macy’s Windows, as they were the only ones with sound. I should have included it in the post! Ah, there’s always next year! I can put in the video and only the people who visit New York will know. πŸ—½

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      1. I’ll be 69 in April, but I still feel quite young and that’s all that matters. As long as we can still be active and have fun now and then, age means little. I hope I can still charge round the lanes in my jeans when I’m ninety. πŸ™‚

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      2. Wow, we’re almost dopplegangers! My birthday is April 11th – and a mad, impulsive, impetuous Aries! That’s so nice to know. I’ll remember to wish you Happy Birthday when we get there.

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      3. Your parents must have really loved April! I think it’s a great month for a birthday. It’s spring, after all, and very often the month in which Easter falls. I very rarely had to so to school on my birthday, either as a pupil or teacher. And, as Aries people, we have the most excellent qualities and characteristics! Ha ha. (I just wish I believed in all that!). πŸ™‚

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      4. But we really do! We’re the Best! My sister and I were both born on Psalm Sunday, five years and one day apart. She’s adopted. We have many birthdays during vacations and on Easter. April is not “the cruelest month”!


      5. No, T’S. Eliot got that wrong, in my opinion. April is a lovely month. I love it because it’s the beginning of spring, with prospects of warm weather and sunshine ahead. I just think of daffodils, chicks, ducklings and bunny rabbits! πŸ™‚ All very cute, and all very spring-like. It must be lovely for you and your sister to celebrate your birthdays together.

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      6. No matter how busy we may be (she has 3 grownup children and a grandchild on the way IN APRIL), we always get together to do something fun. I love the springtime around here too. Especially when the peepers start up in the vernal pool.


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