Roxie aka “The Other Cat” Is Bored !

IMG_7416 2Hi, It’s Roxie D. checking in…

As you know, I like to snoop  pay attention to what goes on around here and complain about  share my findings with all of you. It’s been really boring lately, but I have been reading some of the posts Mom leaves up on the laptop and interesting stuff is happening in other places.

Russ Towne is in the process of marketing his books and even has some new ones coming out soon. (Russ is like the new Doctor Seuss.) Mom reads them out IMG_2184loud to kids when they come to visit. I listen, too, because his books are way more interesting than those  ZuZu stories in  A Berkshire Tale. But then, there’s not much to work with when your main character is She Who Will Not Be Named (again). You should visit his blog. He writes poetry and short stories and even has  books on gratefulness. (Something in short supply around here where I’ve yet to see any books written about me.) Oh, and he’s really smart. He lives in a warm place where it doesn’t snow. It sounds like heaven.

Speaking of smart, another blogger, Andy Smart, lives in China. That’s where my friend Milanda is. He’s really funny and Mom’s been reading his book, Just Turn Left at the Mountain. It’s all about his experiences in China and it’s got her in a good mood. I hope he keeps pumping out more books, because life’s so much better when she’s reading and laughing and not nagging me.

And then there’s Dennis and his dog Yuri at Forgotten Rock Classics. He made Mom really happy last week when he sent her a link from You Tube. She went nuts over it because the lyrics and video were all about baseball in the 50’s called  “Centerfield”.  He sent it to her after she did the Who’s On First? piece that almost nobody understood because most of her followers are cricket and football fans. (But they all wrote nice comments anyway. Why they visit her blog is beyond me.)

Mom’s batty about baseball. Actually she’s just plain BATTY! She’s been watching the video for the past week. I tried to watch it but it makes me dizzy – all those guys running around, jumping on each other, telling the coach to put them in ‘cuz they’re ready to play centerfield. Well, I’m ready for a snack and I don’t see that happening any time soon!


FullSizeRenderBut I do like the songs he features and he sent one just for me by Roger Hodgson called “Even in the Quietest Moments”. I sat on the keyboard and made Mom play it for me over and over. She took a picture of me and sent it to Dennis. He put it up on his blog page using Comment Image. He tried to explain how he did it to Mom, but she’s a bit thick, so, don’t hold your breath waiting for a photo of me on her sidebar. I think I love him even though his best friend is a dog.

And then there’s my best friend, Melinda. She calls herself a Purple Slob in Recover She’s very neat and orderly and you’d never find goofy snowmen and painted rabbits and dumb Santas and eyeless angels taking up room all around the house like this place. (Mom keeps trying to get her to use paper plates. More junk, I say!) I love Melinda because she’s the president of my fan club. She appreciates me. Now there’s a Grateful Woman! And she’s invited me to come and live with her in Florida where it’s warm. And she doesn’t have any pets. I would kill to be an only child!  Did I mention that I love Melinda?

Well, I hear somebody in the kitchen opening a can. Maybe I’ll finally get fed today. Hopefully you’ll visit some of Mom’s friends. She has lots of them, so I’ll probably be doing more of these posts for those of you like me, who could care less about baseball and dumb books about She Who Will Not Be Named (yet, again).

Roxie D. signing off for now. Have a Great Weekend!s1kf2




80 thoughts on “Roxie aka “The Other Cat” Is Bored !

  1. Great post, Roxie. I admit I’m one of the people who was a bit baffled by the baseball post 🙂 it was still a fun read, though, with the video clips and jokes and stuff.
    I’m off to open some cat food for a visiting cat – he’s called Harold – whose owner has gone on holiday. I have a feeling he’s already ruling the house and he’s only been here for five minutes – how do cats do that????

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    1. Thanks for visiting. It sounds like Harry has a good thing going. Be careful about giving him too much leeway, though. Cats can sometimes acquire an attitude of entitlement and then they think they own you. (I’ve noticed this quality in “She Who Will Not Be Named”. Mom lets her get away with murder. Did I mention that I’d kill to be an only child?) Your friend Roxie.

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      1. Kate, Roxie is the Entitlement Queen. She follows me around all day long like a shadow. If she could talk, I know it would be a never-ending discourse on what I am doing wrong and how to do it correctly. And she really just tolerates ZuZu who would love nothing better than to cuddle with her. Roxie does pretend to be friendly at times and licks ZuZu’s ears, invariably sinking her teeth in after a few deceitful moments. She was already 3 years old when she arrived at our house, so the bad habits were already in place. But she keeps us laughing every day!

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  2. Ah, Roxie, my love. Finally you are getting some of the attention you so richly deserve!! Thank you so much for talking me up!! You are the sweetest cat I know. And the only one I’ve EVER invited to live with me! So, in my heart, you are my ONLY (cat) child!
    Here’s hoping you had a great feast!!
    Melinda, Your Fan Club President

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    1. Thanks, Robyn, Mom has taken to calling me her alter-ego. The Yin to her Yang. She has mentioned that word “gratitude”a lot. She really appreciates the bloggers like you who take time to stop by for a visit.Now that she’s finally learned how to do ping backs and links, she wants to do more posts to let other people know how interesting all of her blogging friends are. I just beat her to the punch. Roxie D

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      1. I can’t help myself. If Mom would just write a book about me,too, it would really help to make me a cat with a less cynical outlook on life! It’s tough walking around in ZuZu’s shadow. Some days it makes me crazy!

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  3. Hiya Clare > Awwww thank you so much for the shout and I am glad it’s brightening up your day. Have you got to my disastrous romance yet?

    I sat on the keyboard and made Mom play it for me over and over. She took a picture of me and sent it to Dennis. LOLOLOLOL

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    1. I am very curious to see if MS Mole re-enters your life at some future date. But I am not going to skip to the end to find out! You do get yourself into some odd predicaments! But I know that in the end, you’ll come out alive – and that’s a relief!
      For some reason, Roxie loved that song. I think the high pitched guitar strings may have something to do with it. She loves it???

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      1. Ha ha ha > yes some very odd times for sure. I do meet someone else in the book but that’s another story. You’ll have to wait until South Korea. Is that ZuZu trying to kill a snow bear? Poor thing

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      2. Yes, I read some excerpts of your later exploits in one of your posts on the book. I’ll probably read S Korea tonight.
        I should have cropped that photo a little better. She’s sitting next to a ceramic lion. She prefers him to ZuZu because he never moves. I was trying to get a photo of her yawning for the intro, but she refused and went to sit next to her “friend”. The lion appeared to be yawning, so I went with that .

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    1. We were hoping Roxie would adjust and “get over herself” after her first few weeks with us. But it only got worse and five years later (at age 8) it appears there will be no good end in sight. So we’ve given up and let her rule the roost. It’s just easier that way.

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      1. You are right on the mark. Although Roxie is right. I do tend to fawn all over ZuZu, but she likes being cuddled and Roxie doesn’t But lately she’s been letting me kiss her forehead.It’s a small step, but in the right direction.

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  4. Roxie
    Thank You for the shout out. Yes your right my best friends might be my two dogs Yuri and Moon Pie but our two cats (bother and sister) that I found at work one day 7 or 8 year ago are a close second. Keep up the good work and give ZuZu a hug for us.

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    1. Roxie here are a couple cat songs just for you. I hope you like at least one of them.
      The Stray Cats “Stray Cat Strut”
      Pink Floyd “Lucifer Sam”
      The Kinks “Phenomenal Cat”
      Jethro Tull “… And The Mouse Police Never Sleeps”
      and this blast from the blast your Mom and Charlie might remember
      Tom Jones “What’s New Pussycat”
      Your Friend Dennis

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      1. Dennis, As usual, these are all great tunes. Ah yes, Tom Jones. He was quite popular back in the day. Much thanks for the links and looking forward to your next post. Everyone here sends hugs. Right now, ZuZu and Roxie are in the middle of a wrestling match. Sibling rivalry! Have a lovely Sunday, Clare

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    1. Dear Arti, How is school? I’m afraid my adventures are quite limited due to the fact Mom keeps me locked up in the house. She’s afraid the hawks and foxes will get me. I think it’s just a power move! It’s getting warmer around here, so the furniture will be brought up from the cellar and placed in the gazebo. I think once I can go out there and get some fresh air, I’ll be in a better mood.I’m glad you like my adventures. Take care. Love, Roxie D.


    1. Well, that settles it. I’ve just crossed one state off my list! I don’t relish the thought of being some alligator’s mid-day snack. I’ll see if ZuZu might be interested in a little trip down there, though. We won’t mention the alligators. your friend, Roxie D.

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  5. Dear Roxie D,

    I am so sorry that the Angels went away and Baseball came. I have a ball on a rope. My mom throws it for me to chase. Crazy women, she throws it and I go get it…me…not her…and she still seems to think I should give it back to her. I run up on the porch with it to lay down and chew it. Only a little, of course, but you understand, you’re a cat: if you hunt something you get to chew it. She just complains that she “has to come up to get it.” …and then the crazy woman throws it again. This is not a woman who understands the real meaning of the hunt and having fun!

    Is that how baseball works? They throw a ball and nobody chews it? Waste of time, I’d say.

    I haven’t been to a game. Even though Edenton is small we have the Edenton Steamers. Their mascot is a clam of all things! They are are college students trying to get into “the show” by playing summers in the Coastal League. It confuses me because my mom and dad watch shows on TV.

    Mom and Dad go to the games sometimes but they don’t take me. I give my best sad eyed puppy look. I lay by the door, ears down, head between my paws, but mom just gives me a treat and leaves…so I’m no baseball fan either!

    Anyway, I understand, poor Roxy D. It’s not always a fair world for those of us with fur!

    Your North Carolina friend,


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    1. Nessa, Nobody knows the troubles we’ve seen. I’m convinced our mothers were identical twins separated at birth!’I would love to see a photo of that clam mascot. Our local team is called The Waves. Never having been taken to a game (you can empathize), I have no idea if they even have a mascot! I think we’d both make great mascots!But has anybody asked us? No way! I admire your technique with that ball. Keep the woman on her toes, I say. We should make that our motto.
      Your RI friend, Roxie D.

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  6. Hey Roxie…I’m one of those few followers who does understand baseball and the Who’s on First skit..and I find it to be hilarious too! Plus “Centerfield” is another great classic too! Sorry you’re bored…no mice to chase or cats to bat..oops sorry, hope Mom doesn’t read that…secretly, I thought that was pretty funny, you playing whack-a-cat with ZuZu…boy doesn’t she have any sense of humor!! Wow Melinda sounds fabulous…you should spend your winters with her…how great would that be summers in New England, winters in Florida…you’d be the Cat’s Meow!! Well I’m happy that you are finally getting fed…geesh! Go enjoy your food and I’ll watch for you later!! xo

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    1. Dearest Deb, Mom is working at her computer right now, but she opened the front door and I think that means we’re going out to the Gazebo today! I can’t wait and am going to walk from room to room screaming so she remembers I’m here! Love, Roxie D

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      1. Oh Roxie D, I sure hope that’s what that means…I know how much you love it out there…I don’t blame you it’s beautiful!! And to nap all afternoon on your cushion with a gentle summer breeze blowing by and your best bud Charley scratching your back…ahhh…keep up that screaming I’m sure you will get your way if you do!! Have a purrfectly lovely afternoon!! xoxo Dearest Deb!! 🙂

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      2. Oh I am so excited to hear that!!! Bravo…whoa a bunny and TWO chipmunks…yowza! Hmmm Roxie have you ever heard about the Boy who cried wolf…you might want to read that story and reconsider your screaming ALL the time…Mom just may get used to it and ignore you…now we can’t let that happen…so you must be very strategic about when to scream…ok?

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      3. I find that she always reacts to me when I assert my rights. The sound of my own voice is quite musical,in my opinion. Quite unlike when she yells, “Roxie Dammit!” into my little pink ears. Ugh! That woman needs a voice coach! But, I will take your advice into consideration should I see the effects beginning to wear off. Thank you, Dab.

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      4. She’s had enough positive reinforcement for one day. There is no way I’m going to give her more ammunition for having her own blog or book. She’s insufferable as it is. Maybe I’ll save this good idea for when we take her to her annual Vet appointment this summer. And that is something I am not looking forward to!

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      5. It is a total torture. We’ll start counting the days to the next one the day we bring her home from this one. Poor little ZuZu quietly has her physical and the minute they try to touch Roxie all hell breaks loose and ZuZu hides under the table quivering. I just want to join her! Most of her exam last year was done inside the sink. She wrote about it in one of her posts and of course, we were all to blame.

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      6. Well you did bring her there afterall… Poor Roxie, it’s a shame they are so traumatised, my dog used to shake during the ride to the vet. How he knew when we were going to the vet versus just going for a ride, I’ll never know. I’ll have to go read her post later too. I’m sorry you have to go through that. 😔

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