46 thoughts on “Happy Mothers’ Day from ZuZu’s Barn

      1. Aw, thanks Clare. You’ll laugh when I tell you that I guilt tripped my poor children- telling them my blogger friends had all posted mothers day greetings and my kids had forgotten me!! Then I realised Mothers Day in Ireland had come and gone and I was the one who had forgotten!

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    1. Yes, his name is Charlie (just like my husband) and he loves to pose for me. I hope they never sell him. I’d be heartbroken if I couldn’t visit him and his buddy Buzz .(They live close-by.) I haven’t broken the news to Roxie about the Alpaca book I have coming out soon. She’ll be wild when she finds out Charlie and Buzz have a book and she still doesn’t!
      This day is coming along quite well. Sun is shining and I’m getting things accomplished. Hope there’s some sunshine in your part of the world. Clare

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    1. Today we went to the farm to get some alpaca poo for our gardens and I took more pictures. But we found out that they’ve sold the ten female alpacas. I’m so sad. I love visiting them with carrots. I think Charlie (the alpaca not St Charles) knew his mom would be leaving soon because he kept kissing her through the fence. He kissed me a few times, too, so maybe I can be his new mommy?! Hope your Mothers’ Day was a good one. Clare


    1. Lucy, Shhhhh! We’re not telling Roxie until the last minute. I think you can figure out why. I’m going to let Charley break the news. It won’t be pretty!I think you’re a great mom and the best grandmother ever! And extremely patient. Love, Ehel

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