Roxie D’s Autumn Dreaming

     Happy Fall, everyone – especially my loyal fans and you know that means you, Melinda, President of the Roxie D. Fan Club. Since I’m stuck in the house, today, I figured I’d better  let you all know I’m still alive and well. (As well as I can be without having a book written about me.) 

To bring you up-to-date: Mom is launching her third (yes third) book in her mystery series next week and still nothing in the stores or on Amazon entitled “The Life and Times of Roxie Dammit”. She prefers vicariously killing off the local townspeople over writing what obviously would be a best-selling biography of ME. (Michelle Obama, step aside and make room for Roxie D., please!)

     I’m beginning to think I’ll have to write it myself. As if I don’t have enough to do around this place. I babysit the little furball, add a decorative touch to the dinner table, entertain guests, and provide constant companionship for Dad and for “She Who Thinks She Owns The Place”.  And that is just a small part of my day’s work.

  Although you’ll seldom hear me complain, I’m highly under appreciated and have to live with this lack of gratitude for my presence every minute of my life. Oh, I almost forgot – I practically died last month. 

  I had to have a major operation on a growth over my eye. I spent weeks in the hospital (actually  hours, but it felt like weeks) and then had to come home with a blue collar thingy around my neck. When I jumped out of the carry bag, ZuZu was waiting to welcome me. Her first words were, “Nice Halloween costume, Conehead!” Yup, she’s a piece of work! I spent two weeks choking to death and no one cared. I finally figured out how to get the contraption off, but it was the exact same day “She Who Must Be Obeyed” took me back to the vets to have it removed. Great timing, Mom!

  So, today the weather is freezing. I know this because I stuck my wet nose outside and it turned to a cube of black ice. I hate that when it happens. I really miss summer because this year I finally got to spend time on the patio. I’m allowed to go outside now because I don’t run away any more and I stay right by the Warden’s side. She thinks she trained me by using treats, but I just figured out on my own that there is no escaping from that woman no matter how fast I run. She is a frisky old lady and her chubby legs move incredibly swiftly when the need arises. I’ve just given up. But every so often I move off the bricks on to the grass so she’ll throw some kitty nuggets my way. I’m no fool.

      Speaking of fools – Mom’s little darling has a new attention-getting ploy. She runs around after a meal whining and catterwauling because I’m still at my dish eating. The useless fur ball is convinced “She Who Controls the Rations” is putting more in my bowl. If she didn’t act like a wet vac, she’d realize we get the same portion. I’m just not a savage. I chew my food instead of sucking it up. But why bother to reason with her? I say, “You can take the cat out of the barn but you can’t take the barn out of the cat.” I think this would make a great chapter in my book. It could be in the section on “Wisdom and Advice from a Smart Cat Who’s Seen It All”. 

      And, speaking of “seeing it all”, you know it’s the holiday season around here when the sightless angels have started to appear. And then the snowmen will show up and then the Santas and then the nutcrackers and the Christmas books and the little village houses. I’m not sure I can take another year of these frivolous tchotchkes strewn about everywhere leaving little space for my tired body to rest. I long for the summertime and the gazebo and the patio. I hear it’s spring in New Zealand and Australia. Lucky Yvette and Robyn! I’m going to your blogs now to look at the photos and pine for warmer weather. If only in my dreams! 

     Mom brought out the “Give Thinks” napkins this afternoon so I know it’s getting close to turkey day. I do love turkey, so that’s some consolation. 

Wishing you all a Restful, Peaceful and Happy Thanksgiving. 

Your friend, Roxie Dammit aka The Other Cat.


24 thoughts on “Roxie D’s Autumn Dreaming

  1. Dear Roxie Dammit,
    I am so sorry to learn how close to death you came, poor baby. I know those cones are a pain in the tush to hang around your neck, but yours is at least a pretty color. Here’s to getting well soon and to enjoying Thanksgiving and all the other upcoming winter festivals. pleas tell the rest of the critters who live in your house that how they treat each other is reflected in the increasing smiles generated – or something like that. So I’ve been told.
    Your west coast buddy

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    1. Thank you, Sharon. I’ve been encouraging Mom to post a blog since I read your last comment. She’s been busy with her books the past year and now, hopefully, she’ll follow my lead and take the time to keep in touch with her awesome blogging friends. Take care, Your friend, Roxie D.

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  2. Dear Roxie, I had NO IDEA you were on death’s door! Your tuna bouquet is on the delivery truck as we speak! Poor darling!! What suffering, and indignities you deal with!!! Just swipe your paws of power across those sightless angels faces, and let them know who’s boss!! All my loves, darling Roxie. Still your faithfulest fan, Melinda

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    1. I knew you were still out there for me, my favoritess president ever. I’m feeling so much better since your note. It’s snowing here and I am longing for the warm Florida sun. PS Thank you for the tuna bouquet. It’s the only bouquet I’ll see for many months. Your friend, Roxie D.

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      1. I’m been so negligent, not keeping better tabs on you! Hop on the next plan, my love! My pleasure. I know you needed some pampering after the harrowing near death experience you went thru. ❤ Your Loving President, Melinda

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  3. Oh, Roxie, I’m so pleased to hear from you – it’s been AGES. Sorry to hear about the stressful time you’ve been having but glad to know you are on the mend. I hope now the next book is about to be launched more time for blogging can be found. Have a happy Thanksgiving and I hope you get your full share of the turkey and any other treats.

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    1. Mary, it certainly has become less crazy around here lately. Mom published 3 books this year and it was hell for me! I tried to reason with her about the pace, but my words bounced off her thick head. I can only do so much! Mom said she’s going to be catching up on reading her friend’s posts to catch up on what has been going on. I say, “It’s about time!” If it weren’ for me, I’m sure she’d have no followers left. Take care, Love Roxie D.

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  4. Telepathy, Roxie. I was just thinking today that you hadn’t given us the benefit of your wisdom for some time. I suspected that She-Who-Thinks-Owns-The-Laptop had hidden it from you. (Not that you couldn’t have figured out where it was sooner or later.) So sorry to hear of your recent health problem and humiliation. Just remember, revenge is a dish best eaten without a blue collar thingy around your neck.

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    1. Denise, I am so happy to hear from you. Yes, She Who Never Stops Typing has kept me from Scabface and Linkin, and Luvvie and Queen Puss and I will be reading well into the night to catch up. I love learning about all of these wonderful characters and have garnered alot about revenge from your posts. We are definitely kindred spirits! Love, Roxie D

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  5. Fabulous to see you back again, Roxie, and I’m pleased to hear that you’ve survived your near-death experience so that you can now write the book about it. Assuming SWMBO allows it, of course. Please give my regards to Mom, if you can bring yourself to do it, and wish her luck with her new book (even if it won’t be as good as yours 😂).

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    1. Clive, you are a man of impeccable taste and can recognize a real author when you read the words on the page. I’ve tried in vain to explain this to SWMBO. Publishing 3 books in a year is totally ludicrous. But then, we both know where that woman is on the rational thinking scale! Off the charts!!!!! I’ll try to make sure she is a more disciplined blogger in the months to come. She is working on the 4th book of that horrible murder mystery series. Lord knows how many townspeople she’ll kill off this time. Evil! Pure Evil!. I’ll be catching up with my blogger friends this weekend. Thanks for your lovely note and I will pass on your message to HER if she ever takes the time to pay attention to me. Love, Roxie D.

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      1. Look on the bright side, Roxie. If she kills off the entire town there’ll be nothing left for her to write about, from her prison cell. Just think of the freedom you’ll have! Without treats, of course 😉 Do try and keep the pressure on her to post more often, even if you have to write it for her. She has been missed.

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  6. Ahhh! Dear Roxie, I do feel your pain. While you are confined to the house to stay warm, we swelter here on the first day of summer.
    I have a visitor of late. A very handsome cat of tortoiseshell stripes who sneaks under my gate in the night and sleeps over on my steamer chair. It’s the chair I have been keeping for your visit. You may have to share.
    Big congratulations to ‘She who writes fine crime novels’. I can’t understand why you can’t take things into your own paws and write your own damn book dammit!

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    1. Thank you, Robyn. I would love to visit you and meet the tortoiseshell cat. I’ve been feeling quite sociable lately and am open to the idea of a new friend and an adventure in a warmer place. I ventured outside yesterday only to find all of the lovely chairs on the patio are no longer there. The flowers have disappeared, too and the air was terribly cold. Hopefully, when I escape the next time, the weather will be warmer like I remember. I am pressing mom, once again, about my book, but she is heavily into writing another mystery and a play and I’ve heard her talking to dad about a Christmas ZuZu book! I’m appalled at the nerve of the woman but still hold out some hope for the New Year. If she can do two books and a play, she can surely fit in one more tiny book about her most loyal companion, you’d think? Have a lovely evening. Love, Roxie D.

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  7. Oh Roxie, you gorgeous creature, how great to read you again! I have been otherwise occupied myself and am horrified that you had to endure a near death experience. I will impatiently wait to read your book. I’m sure you can do a real page turner. Maybe you could write a mystery yourself. I’m glad to note you are mending well and up to your usual capers. Congratulations too SWMBO on 3 books in one year. I’m still trying to get at my third draft. What I need is a Cat-muse I’m sure. Take care Roxie. I do love your blogs. – Mollie P.M.

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