Going By the Rules

And so the saga continues here in the good old USA. The bully-in-charge has still not met a formidable opponent. Bob Mueller has chosen to play by the rules. He could have stepped up and challenged the questionable rule for not indicting a sitting president, but chose instead to turn the responsibility over to Congress. The Democratic leadership also have been playing by the rules while the Constitution of the United States is being trampled on. 

Following the rules of fair play is what got us into this mess. If the past administration had let the people in on what was going on with Russia and the Trump Organization during the primaries, people  would have been outraged. But in the name of political fairness (whoever concocted those rules?), the nation was not made privy to the numerous schemes and methods being used to throw our election into the hands of this grifter and his cohorts. 

Justice Department Memo Trumps Law of the Land.

And we’re all so sick of it. I’ve lost my voice yelling at the news emanating from our flat screen. (At least Charley has gotten some solace in the temporary, eerie quiet of our home.)

We are a republic. A nation steeped in the belief of a democracy where the majority rules and the good of the people is placed before personal gain. We have veered far off this chosen route and no captain has stepped up to right the course. I sincerely question the ability of those we’ve placed in charge.

Have any of them not seen A Christmas Story? Scut Farkus’ reign of terror ends when Ralphie finally beats the crap out of him in front of the other children. In the scene where Dorothy finally fights back and throws the water on the Wicked Witch of the West, who does not find cause for celebration in hearing the immortal words, “I’m mellllllltttting!”? And at the end of To Kill a Mockingbird, when Boo Radley kills Mr. Ewell, does anyone question what needed to be done to save Scout? Where is my Robin Hood?

If we’ve learned anything from these iconic stories, it’s that bullies do not respect those who don’t stand up to them on their own terms. 

Are we simply a nation run by the minority? The illiterates who don’t bother reading anything, let alone a 400 page document explaining how Russia interfered with our 2016 election to put a puppet, an illegitimate president, in charge of our country? The 37% relying on Fox TV hosts and people like Bill Barr (who avoid the truth at all costs) to  do their thinking for them?

Where are the heroes of the day? Who is going to bring down Trump and his gang of thieves and opportunists? How is this country going to be made sane again? When and where does the buck stop? Who do we double dog dare to stand up for what is right?

What a world! What a world!


14 thoughts on “Going By the Rules

  1. Those who are now in charge want to change more of the rules not that they will follow, but to impost their rules onto those of us who find them oppressive and anti-democratic. Because of course, they will break any rule they don’t like. I could go on and on as you could, as we all could. But this is your blog and I won’t hijack it.

    We need to vote. We need to stand behind the most reasonable, well meaning, responsible, intelligent candidate, and vote. We need to take our commitment to every level of government but especially to the House and the Senate. And then we will still have many years of rebuilding our nation to be what it has promised its citizens for hundreds of years that it is: the leader of the free world. And that must begin here at home.

    Thank you, Claire, for never giving up.

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  2. Good to see you again, Clare, but it’s a shame that it is because of your country’s political situation. I would say that it is almost unbelievable that people have voted in such an incompetent, were it not for the fact that votes here have achieved the same. Democracy isn’t best served by systems – yours and ours both – which permit the minority view to prevail.

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    1. Hi, Clive. Yes, Britain is having a terrible time of it, too. I haven’t posted much since the idiot-in-chief came on the scene because all seems trivial in light of our everyday issues. But I am seeing some move toward getting the bum out and will try to share more about things not politic in the future. I do get your posts on my facebook page and read them. I’m glad you’re feeling better. Take care and keep the music coming. It calms the soul in these tough times.


    1. Hi, Kate. I was just visiting your blog and loved the post about your pond. Very restful inspite of the heron. I tried to leave a comment but it asked for my email and for whatever reason, WP is not accepting my password. Another tech glitch to overcome. Thanks for stopping by. I always love to hear from you and read your posts.


  3. And he’s coming here on a state visit next week! Two dysfunctional heads of state meeting together – and I mean Theresa May, not the Queen who, bless her, has little choice but to meet and greet the odious man.

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    1. Hello, Mary. I heard that London doesn’t want him and so off to Bonny Scotland! Hide you daughters and anything else of value and don’t believe a word he says. I do see a bad ending for the grifter coming but certainly not soon enough. The American Congress has given him way too long a leash and now he needs to be held accountable and hung on his own pittard! I’m still looking forward to a visit to your fair isle in the near future. It will be lovely to chat and compare notes about the similarities in our political woes and how they are being handled by our leaders. Or maybe we’ll just talk books!

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      1. I so hope you make it over here. I hope Charley isn’t planning on golfing on any of Trump’s courses here! There are plenty of others to choose from while we talk books/politics 🙂

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  4. I don’t think Britain is much better. The country is split and suffering but the politicians are only thinking of themselves, blaming the other side and refuse to work together for the good of the people. Too busy protecting their power bases. I despair.

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