Crazy Like a Fox

I keep yelling at the television screen because although everyone is posing the key questions and speculating upon answers, no one seems seems to be seeing the forest for the trees. 

Every night, for over three years, I’ve tuned into MSNBC.  Among others, Joy Reid, Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow, and Lawrence O’Donnell bring the reality of what is happening here in the US and the world into my peaceful home in the woods of South County, RI.  As some of you know, I write murder mysteries and am definitely not one to be classed as faint of heart.  But the news, which filters into my living room, has shaken me to my core every single day since January 20, 2016. 

This week was particularly jarring as American Jews stood accused of being disloyal; our Federal Reserve Chairman, Jay Powell, deemed an enemy; the Dow plunged 573 points; the Prime Minister of Denmark, Mette Frederickson publicly insulted; the Trade War with China heightened; President Obama, once again, defamed. Immigrant families continue to be cruelly torn apart, children caged, women of color verbally abused, and LSGBTQ rights challenged. Our Constitution, the basis for our democracy, is under attack by the very person who publically pledged to uphold it on Inauguration Day, 2016.  Since then, any vestige of fresh air is being summarily sucked out of this country by a leader who denies climate change while the Rainforest burns.

I sit on my couch listening to the pundits ponder as they try to explain why the leader of the free world (and that is now up for discussion) continues to act so irrationally. I wonder why they are all missing the obvious: This guy knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s doing what he’s been told to do by his Soviet buddy. Trump is systematically destroying American democracy while stoking racial violence and pitting Americans against each other. He is creating upheaval among our allies in order to wreak havoc with their own democracies. He was given a task and he’s dutifully doing what he’s been instructed to do because Trump is Putin’s puppet, plain and simple. 

As he makes a fool of himself in Biarritz, while arguing the case for Russia to be readmitted to the G7, he is carrying out his orders like a good soldier. The guy is crazy like a fox. 

There is a joke going around this week: What’s the difference between Trump and Greenland? The answer is: You can’t buy Greenland. Trump has been bought and sold at the cost of other people’s freedom. I wonder when this simple answer to what is motivating him is going to dawn on everyone? Until then, I’ll keep tuning in and yelling, “Wake up! He’s not crazy! He’s just doing his job!”


21 thoughts on “Crazy Like a Fox

  1. I waver between thinking he’s Putin’s puppet and he’s bat-crap crazy. I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that he’s both. The amount of damage he’s doing is incalculable—and perhaps irreversible. The Republicans in Congress who blindly support him are traitors to their country—out of ignorance, greed, or perhaps their own compromised status. On a happier note, Clare, how’s Roxie?

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    1. Hi, Donna. Yes, it’s the enablers who are the real traitors. Hopefully, the electorate will see to them at the polls. Roxie is fine. She’ll be writing a post soon. Today she spent the afternoon in the gazebo with Charley and me and right now she’s exhausted and sacked out next to me on the bed as I revisit old friends who have stopped by to comment. She keeps looking at me longingly so that I’ll play some cat videos for her, but I have more people to chat with and she’ll just have to wait.

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  2. This summer we have dined on our porch without the news. I find my health much better. I fear going back inside when the weather turns cold. Each day is incredulous. I get enough news through the internet, newspaper, etc. but I don’t feel as assaulted as I do with the TV. I only hope that people can see it.

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    1. Kate – the end of the tunnel is near. This guy is going down and I want to be there when it happens.I find the nightly shows on MSNBC factual and informative but it really bothers me that impeachment proceedings are taking so long. Thanks for your note. I read your last post but I’ll stop by again to read more when I can comment.

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  3. Hi Clare. I’ve never been entirely sure if he was deliberately behaving the way he does, or just being his usual narcissistic, demented self. You make a persuasive argument, though, and whether or not he has been bought he might as well have been, as he is clearly Putin’s puppet. His constant destruction of everything the US has always stood for is so disheartening to view, and I wonder why anyone believes anything he says and continues to support him. I have often said, probably in jest, that people should be given an intelligence test before being allowed to vote, but both there and here that is becoming less of a joke with every utterance of our leaders.

    On a brighter note, it’s good to see you here again and I hope all is well with you and your family 😊

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    1. Hi, Clive. I’ve always believed he had an advanced case of syphilis but I’ve come to realize how easily he is to tempt with money and fame and how much he desperately wants what Putin has. He’s bought – hook, line, and sinker as are many of the Repubs who back him. We’re almost at the end of the tunnel. I can feel it.

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  4. Spot on. You’re feeling the same aggravation that so many of us are at the moment. I’ve always devoured news, and though I still do, I find I’m only getting through half an article before needing to move on to something else. It’s so damn depressing that we find ourselves to be the laughingstock of the world now. Let’s pray we somehow find ourselves out of this madness next year. Great post, thanks for the solidarity. – Marty

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  5. Let us not forget nor let off the hook the other complicit criminals – the Republicans in Congress. We can begin with McConnell, the criminal who refused to allow hearings for Merrick Garland’s Supreme Court nomination by Barack Obama. I will not forgive him and his cronies. Trumpeter is effective because Republicans refuse to uphold our Constitution.

    After the nonsense with the Dorian map, what person in this country can possibly endorse this madness? Are there people so consumed with their own racism, misogynistic homophobia, and flat out hatred (read that “fear of others”) that they’re mesmerized by his marker delineating the “true” crisis in this country?

    To everything else you’ve written – yes, yes, yes, yes, what a horrible mess, yes.

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    1. Hello Sharon. Yes, the fool has outdone himself this week. If it’s any consolation, Boris and his Brexit mess seems worse. I totally agree with you. I am angered and frustrated with the people we’ve hired to “run” this country. They are definitely not serving the majority.
      I’ve been working to get my next mystery launched in two weeks, but am trying to get back to regular blogging at some point. My new website is I’m finding Carrd a lot easier to work with than wordpress which seems to get more and more complicated every time I try to post something. I was glad to hear from you and will visit your site now. I hope all is well.

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