Roxie D. on Dealing With Stress

Roxie D. here. It’s been a long winter in South County, but the good news is Dad and I have spent some quality time together chillin’ out. Our motto is: “Avoid stress. Take a nap!”  I  happen to think everyone could benefit from taking a nap with a cat and now that humans are being directed to hunker down for a while, I’ve declared the whole situation Win/Win! Whatever this virus thing is, it’s working for me. I never get to go anywhere, anyway, and as long as there are food and treats, I could live like this forever.

We’re really lucky out here in the woods of South County. Our home is comfortable and warm. We have windows to look out into the yard. The humans are in the kitchen cooking together every day and since mom is a total klutz, there’s always lots of food dropped on the floor for me to help clean up – with plenty left over  (Did I mention that Mom’s a slob?) for Mom’s Cutie, Darling, Sweetie Pie, Itzy-bitsy Baby ZuZu.  And because both parents are at home all the time, there’s always an empty lap to settle into somewhere in the house. I prefer Dad’s, but sometime the little fur ball gets to it first and I have to settle for second best which is a real pain because unlike Dad, his wife, the Human Jack-in-the-Box, can’t seem to sit still. Up and down, up and down. (I want to scream “Get the woman a horse tranquilizer, please!”)

I find her behavior quite unsettling and outright rude. I’ve expressed my feelings on numerous occasions by sticking my pointiest tooth into  her head while pulling at her hair, pretending I’m trying to nuzzle her. I think she’s on to me, though, because I’m pretty sure she purposely bit my ear the other day. It definitely wasn’t one of those kisses she plants on her “Iddy-Biddy Widdle Cupie Doll’s” head. And she even looked me in the eye and said, “How would you like it if I nibbled you?” I mumbled, “At least I don’t taste like that stinky shampoo you use, you old grapefruit,” but it missed the mark because she just smiled and scratched under my chin. I don’t think she understands a word I say.

You’re probably wondering where I’ve been for the past year or so. I would like to post every day, but She who Hogs the Laptop has been writing furiously. She now has four published mysteries with another ready to go for this September. Dad was amazed when he came downstairs one morning and realized she was already typing away – starting the 6th mystery before the 5th one wasn’t even hot off the presses. That woman loves to murder people!

I was hoping she would have written that book about me by now, but it seems she’s decided to put cute little animal stories on the back burner. This   murder mystery faze started at the same time she began yelling at the television after the 2016 election. Dad tells people it’s a good thing she writes because that means he won’t be bailing her out of jail on a regular basis. At this rate she could surpass James Patterson and he has a whole team of people writing his books.

I can hear the refrigerator opening and it’s about that time for the next episode of “Slopping up the Kitchen With She Who Spills Everything”. Yummmmm! I think I smell the makings of a meatloaf in my future. Yup, I just heard something hitting the floor. Splat! I’m on it! Take care, stay in, find a warm lap, and stay safe. Until next time, Love

Roxie Dammit,

AKA The Other Cat


31 thoughts on “Roxie D. on Dealing With Stress

    1. Thank you. Roxie has always been a clever and opinionated cat who loves hyperbole when she’s trying to make a point. Having to stay home has made me appreciate her weird personality even more as she continues to be a constant source of amusement.


      1. I’m always automatically signed in when I go to WordPress so I never get asked. I do get asked for those bloggers who have their own unusual site or use Blogspot (I think that’s the right name).

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    1. Hi, Donna. Thanks. It’s been a busy three years since I started the local mystery series. It’s doing well here in South County and starting to spread (in a good way – not like a virus)to other places. And they’re fun to write. It’s good to have this kind of activity during these cloistered times.

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      1. Thanks for letting me know, Clare. WordPress seems to be having some widespread problems related to commenting and likes. I’ll see if they’ve figured it out yet. Thanks for visiting!


  1. Roxie, you absolutely made my day, and I mean that in the best possible sense. It’s so obvious that She Who Spills Everything loves you best because I have it on good authority that she’s really a very careful kitchen person. She just doesn’t want you to lose your natural hunting skills. Then you’d be as useless as Iddie Biddie Widdle Cupie Doll, who couldn’t find a catnip mouse were it left in her bowl of Meow Mix. You stay well because Nap Dad counts on you to keep him warm and Mom counts on Nap Dad to keep her warm. I can’t say more than that.

    Oh, except, don’t forget to remind everyone to vote in November. Your presence will be essential then. Well, it’s always essential, but in November, you”ll be Chief Cuddle Bug Calmer Down Feline of the House. That’s when we’ll really need your sharpened toofy woofy. Meow yowl!

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    1. Hello, Sharon.
      i’m glad to get a chance to have my say, and I’ve got a lot more where that came from! I’m trying to get Mom to sign me up for an absentee ballot. She says I may need to get a new last name. Your friend, Roxie Dammit

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      1. Hey, you’re awake late, too. I wanted to get to my comments before starting the next chapter of Last Letter from a Scrivener. I like writing at this hour. My brain works better, I think.


  2. Roxie!! I’ve been missing you!! Did Dad’s wife, She who is a human jack in the box, tell you I inquired after you??
    I have a few horse tranquiliZers. They will be in the mail soon. Look for a box marked, “Treats for Roxie D. ONLY-PRIVATE. Love, Your faithful servant, and President of the Roxie D Fan Club

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  3. So good to hear from Roxie again – I have missed you such a lot. Although you are a little bit harsh about Mom – I’m sure she’s not a slob and doesn’t really favour ZuZu. How clever to make the connection between the outcome of the last election and your mom’s need to kill people in books. Maybe if you get a different result this time round she’ll write a book about you by way of celebration.


  4. Hi Roxie! I’ve missed you, and it’s good to know that SWHTL has got out of your way for a while so that you can share your thoughts again. At least you haven’t murdered anybody. Yet. Well, not that we know of: are you sharpening your teeth and claws, just in case? Stay safe, and keep watching the kitchen floor for snacks 👍


  5. Roxie, my friend! The Bean here …. remember me? I’m your partner in real crime. Well those that treat us so unjustly would call it a crime. We would call it reparation which is a word She uses quite freely when talking to He about matters of human interest. I’m doing pretty well here in Massive Chewsetts but they did me the ultimate wrong. They brought other dogs into my house. Three of them. Ha! I’ve licked those little blighters into shape but I have to be subtle otherwise I’m told I’m a Mean Old Bean and I must be more tolerant. The humans have no IDEA how tolerant I am. The good thing is though that snacks have increased exponentially on walks because they have to use them to keep control of the youths. And obviously I have the weapon of a cute expression that is hard to resist. Anyway. I am heartened that your He Human is calm and relaxed even as your She Human whirls like a dervish and doesn’t get the need for us animals to be kept cuddled and warm. Mummy says that she is very sorry she hasn’t been in touch and that if the Mystery Writer has a moment to pop to her blog there is an explanation of her absence. In fairness, she did have a tough time but now I’ve told her to get a grip and get over herself. I have suffered her sadness long enough. Remember, I’m close by if you need to plan an escape – but frankly it sounds as though, tough as you undoubtedly have it, the positives may outweigh the the negatives. Stay in touch. I’m just a yip and a yap away 🐾 🐾

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    1. Mon Cher Haricot Vert, I’m so happy you’re well. Mom has visited your blog and told me all about the new puppies (Yuck X 3) and the mean lady. She tried to leave a comment but was asked for her email and then her password and then it wouldn’t accept her password. She is having major tech problems lately and it took her months to get back into her own blog dashboard. She was so happy that she let me do a post right away. She’ll keep trying to comment but will continue reading your Mom’s posts in the meantime Much love, Roxie D.

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      1. My mummy calls herself a techno-goat …. she is pretty hopeless at all these passing words and mail-e’s and all the accoutrements of communicating that humans insist on needing. Why not just bark …. we network by starlight barking …. it’s a dog thing and I know you felines have your own version. No need for Social Media – news (and no fake news, thank you very much) is passed along in a timely and ordered fashion. Lots of love to you, Roxie Dammit …. you are my good feline friend! X

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  6. I just read this, Claremary. Very lovely; very painful what you must have been going through, recently; but you are amping up the output/staying creative … Big hugs, CP McSweeney. *Mwah!*

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