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1I’m an author, photographer, teacher, gardener and music lover living in South Kingston, Rhode Island with my husband Charley and our two cats, ZuZu and Roxie. My blog posts,  which may be found at Around ZuZu’s Barn – Conversations With Kindred Spirits, reflect these interests among other eclectic topics that catch my fancy.

About My Books

A Berkshire Tale is my first published work made up of ten interconnected ZuZu stories. I refer to it as an “adult children’s” book because it’s charmingly nostalgic and fun for kids of all ages. A Berkshire Tale was specially written and illustrated for adults and children to read together. I’m continuing to develop the settings and characters in this book by writing additional ZuZu Tales. The January Tale from the book, The Pacas Are Coming! ZuZu And the Crias, is now available from Amazon and as an e-book.

Carnivore Conundrum  is a story, in verse, of a baby pitcher plant, Adonis, who one day wakes up and decides to be a vegetarian. Set at the  Roger Williams Botanical Center, it is available on Amazon.

Last December, I traveled back to the Berkshires to shoot some photos for  ZuZu’s Homecoming – A Christmas Tale which will be out in the Fall of 2020. It is the eleventh in the ZuZu Series set in the lovely Berkshire Hills of Massachusetts.

The finishing touches have been completed on the third in a series of adult mysteries taking place in my own South County neighborhood. Last Train to Kingston, Last Rose on the Vine, and Last Carol of the Season are available for purchase on Amazon (see Mystery Page) and from local book stores.  Last Sermon for a Sinner is the fourth in the series and will be launched in the Spring of 2019.

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