It Takes a Village

I love living in a small town. Familiar faces are always around the corner, in the supermarket, the restaurants, the hardware store, the pharmacy. I enjoy stopping to have a conversation with a friend I just happen to meet while doing errands. Years ago, while I was studying  at the University, I decided this was … More It Takes a Village

To Publish or Not to Publish – That Is the Question

This week I finally managed to finish the photos and the edit for The Pacas Are Coming! ZuZu and the Crias. It’s actually the January chapter of A Berkshire Tale.  I initially wrote the stories separately but on advice from an editor at Penguin Books,  I revised and compiled the ten stories into one book centered around the first … More To Publish or Not to Publish – That Is the Question

Roxie’s Lament

Roxie here. I’m writing a post once again to help Mom. She’s been busy with other things the last two weeks, so someone has to bail her out. You remember that she and Dad decided to paint the kitchen last November and what a mess the house was in for weeks? (They’re really slow. Like … More Roxie’s Lament