Roxie D. on Dealing With Stress

Roxie D. here. It’s been a long winter in South County, but the good news is Dad and I have spent some quality time together chillin’ out. Our motto is: “Avoid stress. Take a nap!”  I  happen to think everyone could benefit from taking a nap with a cat and now that humans are being directed … More Roxie D. on Dealing With Stress


Roxie’s Christmas Eve

It’s me, Roxie. I’ve been left at home on Christmas Eve while the folks are out gallivanting. Lord knows where? Probably following the star to Bethlehem or Las Vegas. Once again, I’m stuck here with ZuZu, the most boring cat in the world. She’s lying around while I’m watching the house. It’s almost Christmas and so far, … More Roxie’s Christmas Eve

Roxie’s Lament

Roxie here. I’m writing a post once again to help Mom. She’s been busy with other things the last two weeks, so someone has to bail her out. You remember that she and Dad decided to paint the kitchen last November and what a mess the house was in for weeks? (They’re really slow. Like … More Roxie’s Lament