Children’s Books

I write a variety of stories for children and their families. These tales are intended to be both interesting and informative for people (and cats) of all ages.


Surrounded by the beauty of the changing seasons, ZuZu, a little tabby, and her best friend Nick explore the many wonders of their home in the Berkshire Hills. From famous people and places, to playful alpacas, flying ghost horses, industrious worms and endangered butterflies, this is their story. It’s a magical tale of their new friendship and the adventures and experiences, ups and downs, and happy endings they share on their Tanglewood Farm.

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Up in the Berkshires, it’s been snowing forever and ZuZu hasn’t been able to go on any adventures. She’s very little and the drifts are much too high for a tiny kitten to climb.  Suddenly there’s the promise of some sorely  needed excitement. The farmer is bringing new animals to the barn and ZuZu can hardly wait to make friends with these gentle creatures that hum and have “fleas”. The pacas are coming!

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Adonis, a carnivorous plant, awakes one morning to find a fly trapped in his digestive juices. The insect beseeches him:  “Don’t eat me! He pleaded. Oh please spare my life! I’m needed at home by my larvae and wife!”

The young pitcher plant spits it out declaring, “I’m swearing off meat!”  Dee, fears for her baby: “Not eating meat? That’s simply insane! You’ll starve,” said his mother, “you’ll wither and wane!” She enlists the aid of the animals and plants in the Botanical Center to save her little Adonis from starvation. They all have ingenious solutions, especially Aladosha the wise, old toad.

Carnivore Conundrum is story written in the form of a verse poem and set at the Roger Williams Botanical Garden in Cranston, Rhode Island. It will capture the imaginations of young and old alike and teach a fun bit of botany in the process. 

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