South County Mystery Series 


On a chill November night, Dorothea Lorimar arrives from New York City to the  village of Kingston, Rhode Island.  She patiently waits for someone to meet her, unaware it will be her killer.  What has brought her here? Who is waiting for her alone in the cold darkness? And why would anyone want to murder this gentle recluse?  South Kingstown’s Detective Lieutenant Kara Langley and her team must find the answers and catch the person responsible for this disquieting death in the village once affectionately known as Little Rest.

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Summer semesters at the University of Rhode Island are usually quiet times. But Master Gardener Miriam Carnavale’s discovery of a body in the Rose Garden  puts an end to that. Detective Lieutenant Kara Langley is called in to investigate the murder of Professor Paul Waddington. She discovers he has much to hide. Allegations of sexual harassment and misuse of funds have followed him and his obnoxious wife Stephanie to this latest college position. There are more than enough suspects among their past colleagues and present students to complicate Langley’s job – deciphering motive, means and opportunity in this complicated case set in the sometimes tranquil village of Kingston.
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Last Carol of the Season is filled with local settings and holiday traditions. Detective Kara Langley and her friends are preparing for the Annual Winter Wonderland Festivities on Wakefield’s Main Street. Their Black Friday shopping spree is suddenly interrupted when Sophia discovers the body of Sherman Pruitt in the lady’s dressing room of Kenyon’s Department Store. Kara is on leave from the department and dealing with questions regarding her future, but she agrees to help Detective Carl Sullivan investigate Pruitt’s death. Together, they find an intriguing array of suspects with the means, opportunity, and motive to kill this odious man in the third book of the South County Mystery Series.

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