Roxie’s Christmas Eve

It’s me, Roxie. I’ve been left at home on Christmas Eve while the folks are out gallivanting. Lord knows where? Probably following the star to Bethlehem or Las Vegas. Once again, I’m stuck here with ZuZu, the most boring cat in the world. She’s lying around while I’m watching the house. It’s almost Christmas and so far, … More Roxie’s Christmas Eve

Roxie aka The Other Cat – Delusions of Grandeur

Hi!  Roxie here with the latest update on me and my world. Things are much more organized around the house now that the kitchen is painted and everything has been put back in place. It was really annoying to have to knock off  reposition  things stacked on the counters and dining room table in order to … More Roxie aka The Other Cat – Delusions of Grandeur