Rocks in My Bag

I thought about calling this post “Rocks in My Pocketbook” but I realize it would date me. Pocketbook is a bit passe, like etui or reticule or bodkin. So “bag” will suffice . Our church school’s curriculum for this year is using elements of music, art, writing, and drama in teaching the Bible. I was … More Rocks in My Bag

Sharp As Tacks!

I’ve been thinking about last Tuesday and the fun I had reading with third graders in Connecticut. I’m convinced that third graders are the sharpest people on the face of the earth. They are incredibly enthusiastic about everything. Their faces literally shine with unabashed anticipation. They volunteer for anything. They sit on the floor with … More Sharp As Tacks!

The Other Cat – Precious Moments and Life’s Indignities

Meow! It’s Roxie here. Dad and Mom are out on another date night and I’m stuck here babysitting for ZuZu, aka “Mommy’s Widdle Snookums Puss”. No one ever seems to consider I might have plans of my own. Plans that don’t involve free kitty day care and playing endless hide and seek with a dumb … More The Other Cat – Precious Moments and Life’s Indignities