Memorial Day

I just read a Washington Post article by a Marine Corps Veteran, Jennie Haskamp. It was about remembering the men and women who gave their lives in service to our country – 1.3 million lives lost since our first war in 1776. Decoration Day (now known in the US as Memorial Day) was set aside to … More Memorial Day

Give Thinks!

I have a favorite joke. Actually, it’s the only joke I can ever remember. Good I’m not a stand-up comedian because that would make for a very short set. Here it is: Descartes, the French philosopher supposedly famous for saying, “Je pense donc je suis.”  (“I think, therefore, I am.”),  walks into a bar. He … More Give Thinks!

Spoiler Alert !!!

Like the little kitten (ZuZu) in A Berkshire Tale, I do so love happy endings! This is very hard to reconcile with my love of biographies. There seems to be one glaring similarity throughout almost every biography I’ve read – the main character dies in the end. At least with an autobiography, you have a better chance … More Spoiler Alert !!!

Casual Cruelty

I’ve been reading the posts of many of my blog followers this week. (I’ve tucked away my murder mystery for a while and will continuing editing it with a fresher mind at some later date.) These bloggers, from all over the world, are a caring, supportive group. In reading their posts, I sometimes come across … More Casual Cruelty

Sharp As Tacks!

I’ve been thinking about last Tuesday and the fun I had reading with third graders in Connecticut. I’m convinced that third graders are the sharpest people on the face of the earth. They are incredibly enthusiastic about everything. Their faces literally shine with unabashed anticipation. They volunteer for anything. They sit on the floor with … More Sharp As Tacks!