Roxie’s Fire and Fury

Yes, I’m still here. Unlike Schrödinger’s cat, there is no paradox. I exist whether I’m boxed or not. And, much like Mark Twain, “Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.” But this past year hasn’t been easy for me. I really did almost die a few times. I was locked downstairs for days  weeks! Although, if … More Roxie’s Fire and Fury


Roxie’s Christmas Eve

It’s me, Roxie. I’ve been left at home on Christmas Eve while the folks are out gallivanting. Lord knows where? Probably following the star to Bethlehem or Las Vegas. Once again, I’m stuck here with ZuZu, the most boring cat in the world. She’s lying around while I’m watching the house. It’s almost Christmas and so far, … More Roxie’s Christmas Eve

Roxie’s Lament

Roxie here. I’m writing a post once again to help Mom. She’s been busy with other things the last two weeks, so someone has to bail her out. You remember that she and Dad decided to paint the kitchen last November and what a mess the house was in for weeks? (They’re really slow. Like … More Roxie’s Lament

Roxie’s Resolution

A Happy Meewww Year to everyone from me, Roxie.  Mom has decided to take a break from the blogosphere this week. She’s made an early New Year’s resolution to get the first draft of her mystery completed and is trying to avoid distractions. I’ve decided  to help by getting rid of her main distraction. I … More Roxie’s Resolution